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the best directory of real estate companies for local SEO and citation


The newest citation option for companies that buy houses

A local entrepreneur and real estate wholesaler recently launched a business directory targeting the niche we buy at home.

DENVER, CO, USA, 23 Aug 2021 / – Real Estate Entrepreneur Launches World’s First Investor Business Guide

Local entrepreneur and real estate wholesaler Sean Martin recently launched a business directory targeting the niche we buy at home. I am delighted to present an online platform that brings homeowners, service providers and real estate investors together in one secure location.

The idea for this newest directory of real estate companies was born out of Sean’s attempts to create a real estate website that could attract potential clients to his target market. “I’ve been buying houses in Colorado since 2008. All this time, I have been constantly trying to find motivated salespeople and in a more organic way to attract leads. I learned that perhaps instead of digging for gold, I am simply supplying gold prospectors with a valuable resource or commodity. ” This is how the business directory was born, which will seriously increase the rating of local real estate companies.

This directory is the only real estate directory created for real estate investors. However, to be effective for real estate professionals, it must also be a useful resource for the homeowner.

The developer’s focus was on creating a user-friendly and eye-pleasing website. So they released features such as the ability to upload business photos, an easy-to-use search function to find any home service anywhere in the state, and easy routes for customers to contact a service provider.

“In promoting the real estate business model, we created a directory with home buying companies in mind. There is a lot of work invested in the back end on our platform to maximize the value we can give to any company that buys houses that wants to. “

Most importantly, we can work together for mutual benefit and increase the visibility of their citation pages to ultimately rank in their respective market. This can be achieved through collaborative efforts in guest publishing and other content production. Consumer and homeowner information support and good old on-page and off-page SEO techniques that are 100% approved by the search engine giants GOOGLE.

“In my limited experience, I’ve found that the best ranking results based on real estate and directory links are the best when trying to outperform their competitors,” Sean said. He continued: “In fact, after subscribing to real estate catalog called my local results went up in just 3 weeks, and I immediately got into the most important map package on Google. “

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