Real estate company lays foundation for additional townhouses in Byron



BYRON, Minnesota. – The city of Byron is growing. On Tuesday, Black Swan Real Estate began construction on a new collection of townhouses in the Stone Haven area. The real estate company has joined Altra Federal Credit Union and Key Builders to build a new foundation.

“We have a builder, a lender, a whole team that did their best, so we are here to celebrate,” says Nick Stageberg, owner of Black Swan Real Estate.

The company decided to build more homes in the Byron area because of what the community has to offer.

“Byron is a wonderful place to live. The demand for housing is huge, and we are just grateful for this opportunity to meet this demand. “

The Stone Haven area will soon have 30 new townhouses to cater to the growing population of Byron.

“I think we are approaching 6000 right now. Many cities around us are stable, but Byron appears to be on a good trajectory in terms of homes and people, ”explains Mayor Daryl Glassmaker.

With the addition of new townhouses and others, Glassmaker predicts that Byron will have a population of around 7,000 over the next five years. He also believes that many people are moving into the community because of a quality school district, and is optimistic that growth will help further the development of schools.

The second phase of the townhouses is expected to be completed by the spring of 2022.


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