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All real estate professionals want a steady income without being slaves to their real estate business. When Josh Frazi, a Workman Success client, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, he knew he could fight it. But he was worried about how he would generate income for his family and have a flexible schedule for many of the procedures needed to recover.

In 2015, while recovering from surgery, he decided to get a real estate license and start selling houses. His determination paid off, and from May to December 31 of the same year, he closed 20 transactions and earned over 3.5 million net commissions without team involvement!

After defeating cancer and building a real estate team from scratch, Freyzi was making a decent income. But something was wrong. He excelled in many ways, but lacked something. His stable income came from spending quality time with his family, and now that he was healthy, he wanted to spend as much time with them as possible, living the life he wanted.

He knew that if he did not work, he would not receive a stable income every month. He worked most of the time. He was either doing intelligence or meeting with clients and spending nights in the office doing headline searches or doing administrative work. Three years later, he felt stuck, and that’s when he discovered real estate coaching. He made the first call and never looked back.

His trainer introduced him to tracking his daily activities in WSS Daily Success Habit Tracker (DSH) and found that he was spending too much time on administrative tasks. With this new insight and advice from his coach, Freyzi wasted no time in hiring his first administrator. After implementing its administrator and seeing the positive changes, they decided to add three Buyer and Listing Agent agents.

After creating the team, Freyzi is now able to consistently make money by being able to spend time away from her business. Plus, with the help of his team, he can even work with lists if he so desires, because he has the staff and systems to help his office run efficiently. His coach helped him see what he needed to do to get back to life while continuing to earn a steady income. With the right implementation of proven systems, Freyzi was able to create the business and life he wanted.

If you are looking to get out of the rat race when you need to constantly work to maintain a healthy income, real estate coaching may be for you. Simply fill in your information and one of our awesome business analysts will get in touch with you. When you implement Worker Success Systems’ Proven strategies, real estate coaching can be the key to real growth for your business.

Verl Workman founder and Executive Director of Workman Success Systems (385-282-7112), an international consulting and coaching company specializing in building successful agents and teams. Contact him on For more information visit

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