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From left to right: Helena Homavand, Nick Bristow and Helen Homavand.

Nick Bristow
Regional Vice President and General Broker
United Real Estate
Dallas and Frisco, TX

Served region: Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Years in real estate: 15
Number of offices: 2
Number of agents: 760

Paige Tapping: Nick, why do you think why so many new and experienced agents choose United Real Estate?

Nick Bristow:
When new agents interview different companies and compare them to United Real Estate, they can clearly see and feel the tangible assets (such as mentoring, training, and technology) that they will have access to. We have a culture that is very, very supportive, and agent candidates feel that right from the start. With an always available, responsive broker and office staff, this is truly an agent first culture. When it comes to experienced agents entering a company, it all comes down to the consumer-driven dynamics of squeezing commissions.

Agents are forced to provide services at a lower cost, and they simply do not want to pay their brokers higher commissions anymore. Because we have the services and tools they need, and they get almost every penny of their commissions, we are an incredibly lucrative option for them. Agents looking for change are Googling United Real Estate who see our five star reviews, our impeccable reputation and our quality brand. The reaction of those joining our ranks is that they are getting more than when they were part of the brokerage company that charged them commissions.

PT: Tell us about how those who join United learn about the company.

NB: Our agents are our best source of attracting talent. The fact that they love this company and are its real advocates is directly related to why 70% to 75% of agents who currently join us have heard about us from a United Real Estate agent. We don’t have a company without agents. Agents are our # 1 stakeholder, so we have to take care of them exceptionally well.

PT: How is United Real Estate unique among its competitors?

NB: While United’s agent reward model based on transaction fees is very important and makes us unique, the culture and level of service we provide to our agents really sets us apart. When agents join us, we quickly team up to provide comfort, trust and friendship. The culture benefits them and they can quickly participate and thrive. This is essential for a good agent recruiting strategy.

PT: What role does diversity play in your offices and when recruiting?

NB: Dallas is a multi-faceted city, and our office and management take great pride in our diversity. Our Dallas office agents speak over 40 languages. United is one of the most diverse real estate companies in America. We focus on recruiting agents who are highly motivated to deliver exceptional customer service and then help them change the financial trajectory of their careers and sometimes their lives. When I do an interview on Zoom or in person, I am truly delighted to hear their story. One of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard – and I’m proud to be a part of it – is the story of Helen and Helena Homavand, sisters from Iran who found their freedom in America and United.

PT: Nick, as a Marine Special Operations veteran, you helped us achieve freedom. How has United Real Estate helped you find freedom?

NB: After my honorable discharge in 1997, I found myself moving from a role full of incessant danger to standing on the streets of Dallas wondering what happened and what would happen to me next. It took me a while to get to the point where I was ready to slowly open up. I can’t say that hiring was a renaissance, but for the first time since 1997, I felt like I had found myself again. United offered me the trust and autonomy I need to make decisions without micromanaging, and allowed me to thrive and immerse myself in who I really am. It was then that I turned from a special operations veteran lost in the world to a broker with a military background.

PT: Helena, tell us your story.

Helena Homavand: My sister and I came to the United States from Iran in 2014 as refugees and have been working for United Real Estate since I got my real estate license three years ago. Women in Iran have very limited opportunities and it was almost impossible to be a real estate professional while living there. With the freedom and opportunity I have had since coming to the US and joining United, I have been able to establish myself as a successful real estate practitioner.

Helena and Helen Homavand are freed from United Real Estate.

PT: Helen, as sisters, how do you and Helena work as a team?

Helen Homavand: We support each other when it comes to exhibitions, contracts and proposal writing. While our first year in the industry was difficult for us, Nick was not only positive and supportive, but encouraged us to stay strong and keep working when we wanted to give up. Nick and his staff are always in touch and they support us 100%. They sincerely respect us and allow us to believe in ourselves.

PT: How do you explain your business success?

Helen Homavand: We attribute our success to the good energy and environment that are at the heart of United’s business model. United is not looking to just add more agents to the brokerage business. Nick and our company want to help people like us grow our business and succeed.

PT: How do you communicate with those who speak another language more fluently than English?

Helen Homavand: Having arrived in the United States on our own, almost without knowing anyone, we turned to social networks to introduce ourselves. We have collected dozens of videos in Farsi that explain how real estate is operated in the United States and how it is completely different from the real estate industry in Iran. We are at the point where our audience trusts us as they know we are really knowledgeable about the real estate industry.

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