Real estate boom amid pandemic



BIRMINGHAM, Michigan (WXYZ). The new home under construction in Birmingham is just a block from the office where Simon Thomas runs a fast-growing brokerage firm in the hot real estate market.

“We hired just under 80 agents in just two and a half years, our sales are growing and the industry is big, knock on wood, that was a big part of it.” – Thomas, CEO of Dobi Real Estate. , said.

Corporate culture also plays a key role in their success in attracting agents who create listings and close deals, Thomas said.

“I think our growth comes from simply doing what we promise to do, it’s very important to us, our core values ​​are very important to us,” he said.

They are also central to Dobie’s marketing brochure for recruiting agents.

  • Boss
  • Customer comes first
  • Create value
  • Be humble
  • Come together

“One of the things we talk about here all the time is that you are not on a team, you are on your own, there is no limit, go, but you actually come here and you have support though” – said Thomas.

Dobi’s 4,000 square foot office space has no agency offices. it is an open and collaborative design.

“You have a $ 30-40 million producer sitting next to $ 3 million, how much can they teach each other?” Thomas said. “I didn’t know what was going to happen when we did it, I just said, please, just work and it works.”

They ended up with 48 agents last year and made about $ 5.2 million per agent on average, Thomas said.

“This is unheard of, so I like to look at it, because our agents make money here, all our agents make a living,” he said.

Thomas said that he would eventually like to grow to multiple locations, perhaps with 5-7 locations, to benefit everyone.


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