Real estate attorney Mark Brown encourages landlords to seek legal assistance with the expiration of the eviction moratorium



FORT LODDERDALE, Florida., June 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Covid-19 Pandemic Appears to End and Federal Moratorium on Evictions Expires 30 June, a number of landlords in Fort Lauderdale the area will face some difficult choices.

More than 5,000 tenants sought pandemic emergency help through Broward County Family Success Management, but what about tenants who haven’t taken action to pay their rent on time? Can landlords evict these tenants after 30 June?

It depends on the Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney Mark Brownwho has been practicing law for fifteen years in South florida… He is also the owner of the All Florida Title Company in St. Fort Lauderdale, which was engaged in the closure of real estate transactions in South florida over twenty years.

“If you are a landlord in FloridaBefore starting the eviction process, you must make sure that you comply with all state and federal laws regarding rent, security deposits, discrimination and fair housing, and advance notice of eviction, ”advises Brown.

“Secondly, homeowners need to make sure they have made every effort to work out a private agreement with the tenant. Negotiation and mediation are always preferable to filing and going to court, ”says Brown.

In addition, the lawyer assumes that before initiating an eviction in Broward County, the landlord must determine if the tenant is expecting emergency rental assistance. Bureaucracy slowed down the distribution of this federal aid in Broward Countyand it is likely that rental emergency funds may not have been allocated to some tenants before 30 June

Brown says most real estate attorneys will act as intermediaries in resolve disputes between landlord and tenantand he recommends homeowners consult a real estate lawyer before going to court. “Before going to court, you always need to get the right legal advice. Florida landlords, and especially now that the federal eviction moratorium expires, the impending 30 June, “Says Brown.

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