Real estate as a factor in income growth



In recent years, an increasing number of healthcare systems have sought to optimize their portfolios in order to reduce costs and increase revenues. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a shift in the use of conventional facilities, and its impact is increasing the need for alternative sources of income such as real estate. Healthcare organizations are increasingly taking on new roles as landlords, property developers and urban planners as they strive to improve the communities around them in ways that often lead to new income as well.

In discussions with Modern Healthcare Custom Media, two industry leaders in this space discussed how healthcare systems can make the most of real estate assets to ensure success in this new norm.


Tabitha Ponte is the founder and CEO of Ponte Health, a Florida-based company dedicated to developing and maintaining resilient healthcare facilities and infrastructure, integrated technology, and patient and data centric.

William Schlein is the head of medical practice LS3P. In this role, Willie brings forward-thinking healthcare expertise to clients in the Southeast. It focuses on adding value to planning and design by effectively combining healthcare delivery models.


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