Real estate agency will raise funds for Gigi’s Playhouse



FARGO – Gigi’s Playhouse – who helps people with Down syndrome – gets help from a friend.

Archer Real Estate will hold a fundraiser for a home for games after a devastating fire destroyed its old location.

Gigi’s says many of the services they offer have been disrupted by the fire.

Archer Real Estate used to have an office next door to Gigi’s Playhouse and said they felt a connection with their old neighbor.

“It’s just helping those who can use the hand, whether they ask for it or not, it’s just what to do if you can do it,” said real estate agent Mika Turin. “If you can help support the community and some of the positive things they do, you should.”

The fundraiser will take place on July 28th at the new Archer Real Estate location next to Big Top Bingo.


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