Ready-made sites are at the forefront of today’s real estate market



In today’s real estate environment, for property owners looking to sell, or even those who may be considering a sale in the near future, it is more important than ever to take proper steps to ensure that their property is as close to the shovel as possible.

Consumers generally have little patience these days – real estate is no different.

State, local and federal governments are also calling for shovel-ready projects to support strong economic growth.

The problem is that it usually takes years of design, planning, entitlement and financing to implement a real estate development project.

To the extent that any required steps can be completed earlier, property owners should be more proactive and consider the following:

• Facilitate fast transactions by investing time and money in advance on environmental studies and / or remediation, site divisions and zoning changes

• Assess potential supply chain disruptions and material cost increases and find alternative solutions.

• Take into account the post-pandemic environment with staff downsizing and working remotely.
• Ensuring the sustainability and resilience of projects in a rapidly changing world with extreme weather conditions and many uncertainties.

• Explore the economic growth the project will bring.

• Work with a consultant to find existing funding sources and / or grants.

• Find ways to combine projects to get the most out of your funds.

• Identify effective designs that are modular, reproducible, or integrate new technology and design.

If there is too much hair on a site, or it takes too long to acquire all the necessary rights, buyers and end users are more likely to go to the next site, which is more ready to go.

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