RBA refuses to lend to banks, why not do the same with JobKeeper?



The Reserve Bank has revealed which large companies received loans at low interest rates during the pandemic. It’s time for the ATO to follow suit regarding JobKeeper windfall profits.

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After stories began to appear Last month, with the massive amounts the federal government lent to our major banks, the RBA decided to come first and voluntarily disclose the top 10 recipients of its $ 188 billion emergency line of credit.

RBA August Monetary Policy Statement it turned out that these institutions received three-year loans in the form of paper money at just 0.1%.

CBA: $ 51.14 billion
NAB: $ 31.87 billion
Westpak: $ 29.78 billion
ANZ: $ 20.09 billion
Macquarie: $ 11.26 billion
ING Bank (Aust): $ 5.42 billion
Bendigo Bank: $ 4.72 billion
Suncorp: $ 4.13 billion
Judo Bank: $ 2.86 billion
BoQ: $ 2.15 billion

Should the ATO disclose regarding the JobKeeper? Read on …

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