Pulse: Readers Share Their Three Best Technical Real Estate Tools



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Pulse – This is a repeating column in which we ask readers for their opinions on various topics in the weekly poll and report on our results.

Last week we reached out to you, our readers, and asked you about technical tools you consider indispensable in this new norm. After all, real estate technology is evolving rapidly – especially over the past year, as new solutions have emerged to tackle the challenges posed by the pandemic.

So what platform, software or service do you constantly use and rely on day in and day out? Of customer relationship management the tools (CRM) and video conferencing platforms that have become popular in social media apps for digital marketing in the past year are all you have shared with us.

  • A computer, Telephone as well as CRM
  • Follow Up Boss
  • Brokermint
  • RealScout it is the best tool I use in my business. His insights and analytics are taking my business to the next level, and I can’t wait to see their business grow as more and more agents start using this tool. Second, Canva… Creating social media posts in minutes has saved me so much time and money. Finally, Instagram! My social media presence has skyrocketed and it pays off. People see that I am producing and in return they want to work with me.
  • Dropbox, Referral Creator as well as DocuSign
  • kvCORE, point loop as well as Converse
  • Subscribe now as well as Zoho CRM
  • Subscribe now
  • DocuSign, Enlarge as well as ZipForms
  • iPhone, notebook as well as text messages
  • Follow Up Boss, Everhome.io as well as Slack
  • DropBox, Asana project management and point loop
  • DocuSign, Ripl as well as zipCRM
  • Brokermint, kvCORE as well as Slack
  • Google workspace, Agently.com as well as Band
  • Matterport, Zoho CRM, Subscribe now as well as Gmail Suite
  • I mainly use these tools / sites / apps / platforms / programs and they all get five stars from me: RealScout to automatically search for my clients and customers, Follow Up Boss like my CRM and HomeSnap for quick fact-finding and quick CMAs.
  • RealScout, Gmail stripe as well as Karl’s mortgage calculator

What have we missed? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Editor’s note: These responses were given anonymously and are therefore not specifically attributed to anyone. Answers have also been edited for grammar and clarity. Inman does not endorse any particular method and regulations may differ from state to state.


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