Pulse: Readers Share Their Real Estate Teams MVPs



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Pulse – This is a repeating column in which we ask readers for their opinions on various topics in the weekly poll and report on our results.

Whether you are a full fledged real estate team, broker or agent with an assistant, there are always several Key people which are necessary for your business to run like a well-oiled machine. Last week, we asked our readers to talk about these most valuable players. We also asked you to tell us why this particular role is important to the overall health of your business.

“Admin” and “office staff” are the responses we received this week, reinforcing the idea that controlling day-to-day operations is just as important as completing long-term tasks. Here’s everything you shared:

  • As a broker, in my experience, office workers are often overlooked heroes. If you can inspire people to be mission-oriented rather than task-oriented, they can contribute much more than just administrative work. The best ones become the beating heart of the office, helping to define the culture, generating a lot of retention glue, energizing those around them, and ultimately serving as a recruiting beacon for an office or company. If you haven’t already, consider how best to support your vision with your employees. The impact they can have and the value they can have on the dollar of wages you spend on them can be enormous.
  • Admin.

What have we missed? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Editor’s note: These responses were given anonymously and are therefore not specifically attributed to anyone. Answers have also been edited for grammar and clarity. Inman does not endorse any particular method and regulations may differ from state to state.


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