Pulse: Readers Share The Biggest Real Estate Newbie Mistakes



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There is a reason “everyone makes mistakes” is a saying outdated from repetition, and that is because it is true. We all to make mistakesespecially at the beginning of our careers.

If you’re new to real estate, chances are you’ve already heard someone tell you that your first year or so will determine if you can success or failure… After all, it’s a tough industry – making mistakes and recovering from those setbacks is how you start cutting your teeth.

So, last week we asked you, our readers, to remember your first job, the failures at the beginning of your career, and those moments when you did stupid things. From the execution of contracts due to inexperience to the fact that communicationHere are the most common mistakes real estate agents make.

  • Do not contact listing agents to inform them of an upcoming offer.
  • Incorrect execution of the sales contract.
  • Ignoring small details like clauses in a contract. For example, agents must respond to a home checkup report within two days of receiving it. Not having this schedule can be costly.
  • Because I was afraid to tap into my industry, it was really difficult for me to attract quality leads.
  • The biggest mistake I think newbies make all the time is focusing on non-profitable activities. A Google search for “How to Become a Leading Real Estate Agent” will yield a ton of results, but unfortunately the paralysis caused by analysis is a very real thing. Unfortunately, agents are more attracted to how to do it than to the end result. It’s tempting to focus on high-level business operations at first, but dig into lead generation and actually get the job done before worrying about the details.
  • Once you close an escrow trade, you take your foot off the gas and lose all of your momentum.
  • Don’t ask for help. Thinking: “This is easy, I can handle it myself as best I can.” Plus, to be honest, in my 46 years in real estate, experienced people can make the same mistake.
  • Lock yourself out of the house, don’t bring the keys you need to the show, and set off the alarm!
  • Showing houses without a signed contract is a big beginner’s mistake.
  • It’s not enough to find and meet new people. Assuming leads and customers hit my lap.
  • Not joining the right broker from the start – Too often new agents are “overwhelmed” by the interviewer’s offer and start their real estate careers without training, education, training, support and decent commission sharing. They assume that all brokerage companies are the same and ignore the questions, the answers to which can determine their success and, in the first place, prevent mistakes.

What have we missed? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Editor’s note: These responses were given anonymously and are therefore not specifically attributed to anyone. Answers have also been edited for grammar and clarity. Inman does not endorse any particular method and regulations may differ from state to state.


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