Property Transfer: 7/12 – Dubois County Herald



From John E. Roach to John E. Roach and Nancy Ellen Bennington, Lot 45, Skyline Subdivision.

Glenn Joseph Nice and Karen Kay Nees, Joshua Wesley Hutchin and Kayla M. Houchin 0.8 acres, part of SW NE 29 2S 4W with easements; 0.76 acre portion of SW NE 29 2S 4W with easements.

Clifford E. Rainbold and Phyllis A. Rainbold – Clifford E. Rainbold Lot 19 Virgil Lechners. First addition.

Jason M. Schmitt and Bridget M. Schmitt Jason and Bridget Schmitt Primary Trust, Jason M. Schmitt and Bridget M. Schmitt 10.147 part SE 11 1S 5W, E ½.

Jason Schmitt to Jason and Bridget Schmitt Primary Trust, Jason M. Schmitt and Bridget M. Schmitt 56.014 acres, part SW 12 1S 5W, W ½ with exemption and easement; 27,596 acres, part SE 11 1S 5W, E ½ with exemption and easement.

Jason M. Schmitt & Bridget M. Schmitt Jason & Bridget Schmitt Primary Trust, Jason M. Schmitt, Bridget M. Schmitt 10.147 acres, part of SE 11 1S 5W, E ½.

Marie S. Patton and Dale F. Schnarr to Andrew S. Schroeder and Myre Lynn Schroeder 1,096 acres, part of NW NW 11 1S 6W with exceptions and easements.

RND Development Scott Schnaus, Charlotte Schnaus and Andrea Schnaus, lot 20, Ferdinand OT; 0.02 acre part of SE NW 28 3S 4W; lot 20 part of Ferdinand OT; Lot 5 is part of Ferdinand OT.

Billy Wayne Combs to Clayton J. Endries 3 acres, part of NE SW 23 2S 3W, Site I; 6.71 acres part of NE SW 23 2S 3W, plot II.

Katie J. Matheys, Brian J. Matheys and Paul E. Singer (deceased) to Logan Morris, lots 11 and 12, Joseph L. Hasenour, sixth addendum.

Alan W. Schmitt – NLNT Investments LLC, Lots 26 and 27 of Meridian Meadows.

B&S Rentals to Pfaff Properties 3.98 acres of NE NW 7 2S 4W; 0.92 acres part of NW NE 7 2S 4W with exceptions and easement; 0.02 acre part of NW NE 7 2S 4W; part of SV SZ 7 2S 4W; 0.14 acre portion of SV NW 7 2S 4W; 0.58 acre part of NE NW 7 2S 4W.

Tracey M. Peters & Terry L. Berry to Daniel Martin Bootwell, lot 14 Soligas added.

Debra A. Sickbert, Donna C. Rasche, Karen J. Libbert, Mary J. Lampert, Joseph L. Werner and Chris R. Werner – Constance Sue Werner 1.24 acres, part NE 18 3S 4W, S ½.

Carol Roleder, Mary Lou Lubbehusen, Larry Meyer, James Meyer, Sherri Pfaff, Michael L. Olinger, Patrick A. Olinger, Eugene P Olinger and Thomas R. Olinger – Kent J. Schaefer, Lynn M. Schaefer, Chad P. Schaefer and Ashley N. Schaefer SE SW 7 3S 4W; SW SE 7 3S 4W; containing 80 acres; 22.2 acre part of SW SW 7 3S 4W.

Eugene Underhill and Willa Mary Underhill – to Nelson Mauricio Lopez Morales and Claudia A Garcia Bolanos – lot 79 of the Huntingburg part; Lot of 80 parts of Huntingburg per lot.

Diane L. (Kilian) Arnold, Mark E. Mehringer, Sean K. Mehringer and Susan K. Mehringer to Mark E. Mehringer and Chrissy L. Mehringer 0.72 acres in NE NE 4 2S 5W.

Lake Patoka Regional Water Supply and Sewerage to William T. Cole and Trichet L. Cole, Site 147, Woodland Hills Division.

Daniel E. Arbuckle to Rebecca Workman, part of SW NE 26 1S 5W.

Germaine Helderman Blessinger, Garmaine Blessinger, Germaine Helderman and Veronica C Helderman (deceased) – Patricia J Fleck 9,485 acres, part of NE SW 31 1S 3W.

Paul J. Fogirl, Jr. – Jeremiah Hickman & Lacey Rushing Lot 37 & 38 William Heitman Supplement except; Lot 39 and 40 William Heitman Supplement.

Nicholas J. Vibanco – Elizabeth Stephanie Lamb 1 acre, part of NW NE 3 1S 3W.

Ilario Mora – Galdino Mora, section 1 of the Huntingburg section.

United Methodist Church of Huntingburg in the city of Huntingburg, lot of 14 parts, 11 parts, 12 parts, 13 parts and 14 parts of Huntingburg in lots.


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