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United States: Property owners, don’t get hung up on double cleaning fees

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Imagine that you are the owner or manager of any number of properties. You hire various service providers to perform services such as landscaping, security, cleaning, etc. Moreover, you operate a difficult vessel, paying the full amount due to each service provider on time. Now imagine that one day you open your mail and see a payroll claim for an employee of your cleaning service provider. You know you paid a service provider, so why should you be hooked for their employees’ salary demands?

Due to the recent change Oregon lawcleaning service providers in Oregon must obtain a license from the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry (“BOLI”). Accordingly, property owners or managers who hire unlicensed cleaning service providers face potentially serious fines, including:

  • Joint and several liability for unpaid wages, employee claims for retaliation and discrimination and related fines
  • BOLI civil fines
  • Attorney fees related to all of the above

Given that these fines are at risk and the case against the cleaning service provider has already reached trialproperty owners and managers must take steps to protect themselves. IN separate articleWe provide more details on these revised laws and suggestions on how property owners and managers might react.

The content of this article is intended to provide general guidance on the subject. You should seek professional advice regarding your specific circumstances.

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