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Latest edition Allmanac, a summary of industry news released weekly by luxury real estate experts at Ellie Beth Allman & Partners, reports that the rise in the value of homes in North Texas has significantly increased the value of homes in the area. According to a new report from Attom Data Solutions, more than 40% of DFW loaned homes have high net worth.

Dallas-Fort Worth led the nation in building single-family homes in the first six months of the year, according to a new study. Builders have built 49,733 single-family homes in the DFW area, the latest figures from housing consultants Zonda show. Builders across the country continue to struggle for feverish consumer demand amid an ongoing home shortage.

DFW home sales fell for the second month in July, but price increases continue to rise. Sales fell 3% in June and 17% in July. However, single-family homes sold for an average selling price of $ 349,000 in July, up 20% from 2020. In July, agents sold 11,299 single-family homes, less than a year ago but higher than in 2019. Continued rise in prices. and housing shortages over the past few months have pushed more people into the background compared to the frenzy that took place last year during the pandemic. The number of housing offers in July decreased by 30% compared to 2020.

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