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Finding multiple sentences as an end, not a means

Dana Bull, a Boston-based real estate agent, says that when clients seek multiple offers, she says, “What’s the goal?”

Your goal is to get the best price and the best conditions. Encouragement bidding war is one way to get what you want, but it’s not the only way – and it comes with risks.

The classic way to rekindle trading buzz is to set a deadline for bids. When this tactic works, a bunch of people submit bids and then wait for their phones to vibrate with the good news that you’ve accepted the offer. But if the tactic doesn’t work, you may get one or two low bids or not get an offer at all. And your next suggestion is likely to be lower.

“You have to be sure that the home will generate a lot of interest from more than one buyer if you set a deadline for bids,” says Bull. “It can be more difficult to accomplish if your home is not similar in design, time period and style in the area.”

Not taking yes for an answer

Before putting a house up for sale, Bull tells clients: “Think about your dream scenario. Not only about the price, but what kind of schedule do you want? What flexibility do you want to offer? And if we achieve this goal, will you be happy? “


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