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The Jacksons is the real estate team at PA Jackson Law, made up of Kristen Jackson, Attorney / Owner and Founder of the Law Firm. John Jackson, Kristen’s husband and company manager. Laura Jackson, Real Estate Manager. Her husband, Charles Jackson, works in real estate and contracts. What do you have in common besides family relationships?

They are all Florida real estate agents and represent clients in buying and selling real estate.

What happened to everything

When Kristen began her legal practice, she represented herself as a lawyer in the courtroom before judges and juries in the fight against conflicts. She soon learned that there are many ways in the law that do not require a rigorous trial.

“Instead, I was interested in wealth management techniques that allow families to manage their wealth, wealth and health,” she says. “I have chosen the role of heir and senior attorney to work closely with my family on the drafting of wills, trusts, prosecutions and medical care.”

The families of many clients have been part of Kristen’s asset protection practice in asset planning. She has created real estate certificates, sales contracts, then real estate title, escrow, financial statements and has led the legal practice for over 20 years. At the time, clients often asked, “When will your employees be realtors?”
Will you sell our real estate too? “

Kristen followed this advice. With thousands of clients, Kristen and her staff became real estate agents and founded, an additional website designed specifically for the sale of real estate. Kristen and her company’s real estate agents John, Charles and Laura have signed a licensing agreement with a renowned real estate agency in Orlando, Florida. Kristen soon says she wants to add a real estate brokerage license to many other licenses.

Meet the team

Charles manages field sales and is most often the person clients meet first to sign the listing contract. At this point, he offers equal value and shares the value of the property you are about to list. He also works closely with Kristen during the closing time to prepare the purchase agreement. Do.

Who is Charles? First, he knows him and tells him to call him Chuck, like we who grew up with him.

In Central Florida, three out of four come from out of state. Chuck is an exception. Born and raised here in Orlando, he knows the Central Florida area better than most realtors. This allows him to be attentive to navigation and to place his family in the right place at home for convenient and easy access to offices, kindergartens, shopping and entertainment.

“Family love wants to give them the best, safest and most meaningful life possible,” Chuck says. The right home in the right place changes life. These are many of the reasons I became a real estate agent. In real estate, you get the best rewards, and there is nothing more emotional than selling life-changing things to other families. “

Chuck’s wife, Laura, is involved in the day-to-day management of real estate matters at the law firm. She considers herself a true Florida resident because she moved to Orlando with her family when she was four years old. In addition to being a real estate agent, Laura is a registered nurse who teaches and teaches ethics, respect and the strategic importance of optimal care for vulnerable patients.

In her teaching practice, she has learned that the same core values ​​that are taught as an RN are important to solving all business issues, and she applies these values ​​in her practice as a real estate agent. “Although the themes are different, health and home are intertwined. Whether you’re in a hospital, buying or selling a home, both events are life events and an emotional roller coaster. Both. We need compassionate facts to achieve the most beneficial results for the families involved. “

Finally, there is Kristen’s husband, John. John has been running a law firm for many years. Most clients know him as one of the first voices they hear when they contact Jackson Lowe to make an appointment at a law firm or real estate department. Although he is not a lawyer himself, he is well versed in our legal practice. Clients are immediately confident and reassured in their ability to understand, discuss and clarify their individual legal needs before consulting with our lawyers.

Particularly in the real estate business of the company, John is a real estate agent and certified general contractor who has built projects locally, nationally and internationally.
Over the years, he has built commercial skyscrapers, large detached houses and theme parks, so when visiting these properties he focused on price and quality. It is not uncommon for John to show up with Chuck to determine the best list and compare prices before buying or selling real estate.

The future of real estate at Jackson Law

For the many clients who have asked us to buy and sell real estate and the rest of the community in central Florida: we did it. Jackson Law PA can now buy and sell real estate with in-house real estate agents. Whether you need to sell or buy a property or close a property, our real estate agent and escrow department, title deed and closing legal department will act on your behalf.

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