Producers with crop insurance will receive a cover crop premium



Growers who are covered by most crop insurance policies are eligible for a USDA premium if they planted cover crops during that crop year. The Risk Management Agency (RMA) Pandemic Cover Crop Program (PCCP) is helping farmers maintain their cover crop systems despite the financial pressures of the pandemic.

PCCP is part of the USDA. Helping producers with a pandemic The initiative, a package of programs to provide financial assistance to farmers, ranchers and growers who have felt the impact of the disruptions in the COVID-19 market.

About bonus benefits

PCCP provides premium support to growers who have insured their spring crop with most insurance policies and planted a suitable cover crop during the harvest year of 2021. The support premium is $ 5 per acre, but not more than the full premium due.

Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa have programs that allow growers to receive additional benefits for planting cover crops. In these states, participating manufacturers will receive additional benefits.

All cover crops subject to FSA reporting are eligible and include grains and other grasses, legumes, cabbage and other non-leguminous broadleafs, and mixtures of two or more cover crop species planted at the same time.

To benefit from this program, manufacturers must submit Area Report Form (FSA-578) for cover crops with the USDA Agricultural Services Agency (FSA) before June 15, 2021, which is different from the normal reporting date. The usual deadline for submitting area reports to the FSA has not changed, but producers must apply by June 15 to receive premiums. Cover crop fields reported on the acreage report form must be consistent with what the grower has communicated to his insurance company about his crop insurance policies. … To fill out the form, manufacturers must contact and schedule an appointment with their local USDA Service Center

Program details

Certain policies are not eligible because they have basic coverage that will already benefit or are not intended to be reported under the Area Report Form (FSA-578). PCCP is not available for farm-wide income protection, extended coverage, hurricane protection – wind index and additional coverage. Stacked Income Protection (STAX) and Margin Protection (MP) policies are eligible for PCCP only if they are insured as a separate policy. STAX and MP Acknowledgments of Basic Policies are not eligible for PCCP.

PCCP will not change the crop reporting dates, reporting requirements, or any other terms of the crop insurance policy.

Standard of Practice for Conservation of Cover Crops

Meanwhile, the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has decided not to update its conservation practice standards for cover crops. Initially, the NRCS proposed limiting the mechanical harvesting of cover crops, but after reviewing proposals from growers and groups, the NRCS acknowledges that this could pose problems for growers using this important conservation practice. The latest version of the environmental performance standard can be found in Field Office Technical Guide in accordance with Section IV “Conservation Practices and Supporting Documents” by state.

More information

BUT Funding availability notification was posted on Federal register Today. Additional information on PCCP including Frequently asked Questions, can be found at / cover crops

The RMA allows additional flexibilities due to the coronavirus, while continuing to support manufacturers by working through the AIP to deliver services including processing policies, claims and agreements. RMA staff work with AIP and other clients by phone, mail, and electronically to continue supporting crop insurance coverage for growers. Farmers with questions or needs for crop insurance should continue to contact their insurance agents about doing business remotely (by phone or email). More information can be found on the website


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