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Paris, June 3, 2021 – Prima Solutions, a leading French group of insurance and reinsurance specialists, announces the release of version 9.19 of its cloud platform for life and health. Prima L&H… This new version differs from traditional solutions in that it covers mortgage, health and life insurance under the same system. This release also introduces an expanded API catalog to make it easier to interact with the life and health ecosystem.

Mortgage insurance is an ever-evolving sector, including termination at any time, integration with a debt ratio, medical facilitation associated with the pandemic and incentives for environmentally responsible behavior – all recent developments in the French insurance market that need to be quickly mastered as for established insurers and newbies alike.

“Cloud platforms that support the creation, distribution and monitoring of mortgage insurance products – in addition to life and health insurance products – are rare,” explains Julien Victor, CEO of Prima Solutions. “We meet the needs of both our clients entering this market and insurers who want replace their old tools to move to a modern, customizable solution that supports all types of personal insurance. “

Prima Solutions is aware of the specifics of this market. New in the latest version of Prima L&H is the ability to create tiered loans to modulate and optimize monthly payments. In addition, the efficient calculation of the annual insurance rate, the premium schedule and the depreciation table can be automated using the powerful Prima L&H computing engine.

Prima L&H 9.19 also includes the third part of the French 100% health (100% santé) regulation, expanding coverage this year to make hearing aids fully reimbursable. First of all, the API library has been significantly improved in the new version.

“Prima Solutions has identified a group strategy to open its solutions to the insurance ecosystem, and we have developed an API framework that benefits all of our platforms. This structure accelerates the development of new APIs and updates to existing ones, ”says Victor.

Today, the entire Prima Solutions software suite, including Prima L&H, includes additional cloud services with regular updates, high availability, end-to-end support, security and compliance (including GDPR).

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