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President Joe Biden renews student loans



HIVITA-FALLS, TX (CAUS) – President Joe Biden has ordered the US Department of Education to freeze student loan payments.

One student and alumnus were relieved to receive this extension.

“Since I don’t have a coordinated job right now, this puts a lot less pressure on my head,” said Connor Whitten, a student at Midwest State University.

Whitten is one of many who will take advantage of President Biden’s extended loan freeze, pushed back to January. He worries about graduating without a job in his specialty and the amount of debt he has to pay.

“If I can’t pay off my student loans, I’ll have to continue living with my parents, you know. I won’t be able to find my own place and do the independent business that many people my age want to do after college, ”added Whitten.

“We’re still part of a group of people who haven’t gotten their tax returns back yet, so it’s a little tricky with four kids,” said Elizabeth Isasi, a graduate of Midwestern University.

Isashi pays off her loans as best she can, but with a large family and financial hardships, it is not easy to just pay for everyday life, but the extra cash flow will mean a lot to her.

“Additional things, such as additional products that babies may need and diapers named by the brand, would be fantastic,” Isasia said.

“If he does, I certainly won’t complain. I’ll be very happy with that, but I’m not going to count on anything, ”Whitten said.

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