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Premiere Mortgage Resources Offers Backpacks For Local Schools



TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – Premiere Mortgage Resources hosted a backpacking hike for local children today.

This was the second year they were backpacking.

The idea came to mind last year when they saw how many people were laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They wanted to team up with various real estate agents and builders in the area to help the kids feel confident and get ready for their first day of school.

“It’s great to live in this community, our community is always willing to give and sometimes it only takes a few people to organize it, and that’s what we do by giving people help to those less fortunate in our community,” said Cliff Jaro. Premiere Mortgage Resources Manager.

Premiere Mortgage Resources reached out to various local schools to find out which students need help with school supplies. These backpacks will be presented to them.

There is still time to make a donation, for more information call (208) 308-9557

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