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WAILUKU – Tenants and mortgage holders who have difficulty making payments may be eligible for assistance, including late rent, and may receive information and assistance in applying for assistance with personal information events and Maui Economic offices. Opportunity.

MEO staff will be available to assist with applications, copying, photographing and answering questions at agency offices across three islands in Maui from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays by appointment. The Maui office is the MEO Family Center at 99 Mahalani St. in Wailuku (tel. 249-2970).

MEO is also hosting informational events planned for the end of the year: Kihei Community Center, 8 am to noon, Monday, September 20, October 18, November 8, December 20; Lahaina Community Center, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Wednesday September 8th, October 13th and December 8th; Khana Public Library by appointment by phone (808) 248-8282.

Programs include:

1) Emergency Rental Assistance in Maui operated by a Catholic charity in Hawaii that offers rent refunds and assistance with utility bills for up to a year. Applicants must have 80% of the adjusted average income for the area and show a loss of income due to COVID-19.

2) The Community Development Block Grant Mortgage and Rent Assistance Program, which provides $ 2,500 per month for mortgages and $ 1,500 per month for rental assistance for up to six months. Applicants must show a loss of income due to COVID-19.

3) The County Rental Assistance Program, which offers assistance for up to six months, including bond and utility bills. Residents may be eligible for assistance if they have been affected by COVID-19, even if they return to work. MEO encourages renters and mortgage holders who are struggling to pay to seek help regardless of the circumstances, because the agency will work to match grant seekers.

Applicants must bring photo ID (driver’s license, government ID), social security cards, income documentation (wage receipts, unemployment benefits, tax returns), rental or mortgage certificates, proof of COVID-19 income loss (letter from employer, unemployment). extracts), eviction notices, utility bills, birth certificates for children aged five and under, and property documents (bank statements). Additional documents may be required depending on the program.

For more information, call MEO at 249-2970 or visit www.meoinc.org.


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