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United States: Portfolio – Quarterly Report – Key Real Estate Cases – July 2021

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Portfolio: Quarterly updates on key real estate cases including:

  • Pandemic clause included in business lease renewal
    The mall lease renewal decision provides helpful guidance on how the court will assess lease renewal conditions in the post-COVID world.
  • Rent payable during Covid closure, court ruled
    The court agrees with landlords, saying that rent is still payable even if businesses cannot trade from premises and landlords have pandemic insurance.
  • The restructuring of the company sanctioned the despair of the landlord Objections
    As tenants increasingly look to bankruptcy and restructuring options to stay afloat, landowners are paying a heavy price.
  • Boards can file rate claims that use SPV mitigation schemes
    The Supreme Court ruled that the Council has a contentious case that rates were payable. Lingering uncertainty about whether rate-cutting schemes are working further reinforces the case for reform.

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Originally published July 5, 2021

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