Popular radio host Angela Yee opens coffee and real estate office in Bed Stewie



Residents of Bed-Stuy can now have breakfast at the coffee house owned by the radio show host, The Breakfast Club.

Angela Yee’s voice is the voice that New Yorkers have heard on 105.1 “The Breakfast Club” every morning since 2010.

The Brooklyn native has always wanted to take a chance in hospitality and also owns a juice bar.

In pursuit of that dream, she teamed up with longtime friend and real estate owner Sara Golan to open her coffee shop and real estate office.

The soft opening was on Friday, but Brooklyn residents can officially have a cup of coffee at a store called CUP, in a few weeks.

CUP, which stands for Coffee Uplifts People, and the real estate office work under the same roof on Bedford and Gates Avenue.


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