Polly, ICE Mortgage Technology Expands LOS Software Partnership


Polly is expanding its partnership with ICE Mortgage Technology, a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange Inc., by providing access to the Polly Loan Trading Exchange through ICE Encompass Loan Disbursement (LOS) software.

Polly says the partnership will simplify workflow to effectively drive profitability and scale on a single platform.

With the Polly lending exchange available on Encompass, lenders can get rid of the manual application feed process by gaining access to solutions that allow them to view multiple applications at the same time and connect to capital market solutions such as pricing and real-time trading.

The first phase of this new partnership allows lenders to stay with Encompass and easily access Polly. Future enhancements include the creation of an integrated intersystem delivery and ecosystem designed to reduce the lender workflow with 93% of aggregators available through Encompass Investor Connect.

“Polly is delighted to be expanding our partnership with ICE Mortgage Technology to further integrate our capital markets solution into Encompass,” said Adam Carmel, founder and CEO of Polly. “By adding our solution through Encompass, we are making it easier for lenders to gain more information and flexibility in the loan process to ensure faster and more profitable transactions for lenders, thereby benefiting the originator and ultimately the consumer.”

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