Poll: overwhelming majority of population rallied student loan forgiveness



Fifty-two percent of Americans said they advocate universal student loan forgiveness “for all borrowers.” according to a new Go Banking Rates poll released Thursday.

Twelve percent survey respondents said they believe that student loan forgiveness should be granted to low-income, high-debt individuals, 11 percent said government employees should forgive their loans, and 4 percent said they support temporary loan forgiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roughly 20% of respondents do not believe that the federal government should forgive student loans.

Most men and women and most age groups support universal student loan forgiveness, although only 39 percent of those over 65 support this position. Thirty-six percent of older respondents say the government should stay away from the student loan issue.

President Biden said it would support a congressional proposal to cancel the repayment of up to $ 10,000 per borrower on a student loan, although it has so far rejected progressive calls for more drastic action on student debt.

The survey was conducted from April 16 to May 18. It was attended by 3633 people. It does not indicate an error.


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