Plymouth Registry Receives Additional Help From Red Hot Real Estate Market



– WATD 95.9 News & Talk Radio, South Shore Massachusetts

In Plymouth, a hot real estate market is prompting county commissioners to approve a part-time position on the Registry of Transactions.

Booby Clark also has:

At their meeting on Wednesday, Commissioners heard a request from Deal Registrar John Buckley:

“It was an opportunity to transfer money within my approved FY22 budget to add an additional indexer on a part-time basis – the Commissioners limited this to one year. I am very grateful to the commissioners for supporting my request. Any asset that we can add to our indexing operation is very important in these high volume days. ”

The vote was two to one with Commissioner Greg Hanley and Commissioner Sandra Wright. Commissioner Jared Valenzola voted against. Valenzola explained that he would like to have more time to review the request.

The next county commissioner meeting is scheduled for July 8 at 4:00 pm.


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