Playing cash games for the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic



The PGA TOUR is heading to Michigan this week for the Rocket Mortgage Classic at Detroit Golf Course. This is a very accessible 7,300 yard par-72 field with bentgass and poa greenery. This will be one of the biggest bird festivals of the season, as the winning points were 23 and 25 less than par, respectively, in the two years of the tournament’s existence.

I’ll highlight the best cash games / one-off games on the DraftKings homepage, but these players are often a great choice in any competition.

My analysis often mentions Number of strokes, a set of proprietary metrics generated by PGA TOUR using millions of data points to calculate the average number of strokes a player takes to hit a hole from any distance and in any situation. Stroke counts are now available in FantasyLabs PGA Models

There are many indicators associated with stroke, but there are six main categories you need to know:

  • Number of strokes: no T-shirt (SG: Not from a T-shirt)
  • The resulting finishing touches: the approach (SG: approach)
  • Number of strokes: about green (SG: Around Green)
  • Number of strokes: putting (SG: Put)
  • Hits Received: Ball Hits (SG: Ball Shot), i.e. SG: Off-the-Tee + SG: Approach
  • Number of strokes: tee-green (SG: Tee-to-Green), i.e. SG: Hit the ball + SG: Around green

For more information on stroke rate data and how to use it, see this article is from Brian Mears in an action network detailing all of the above metrics. I also recommend Chris Murphy’s “Hits Accepted” column after each round of this week’s PGA TOUR, which highlights what golfers should buy and wither, and Matthew Vincenzi’s weekly “Statistics That Matter” column, which highlights, which sub-indicators of the number of strokes are of the greatest importance for this course. The players listed below are based on DraftKings scoring and pricing.

Major pieces

Joaquin Niemann ($ 9800 DraftKings)

Niemann was arguably the most consistent PGA TOUR golfer this season in terms of hits. He kicked at the Memorial a few weeks ago, which was his only flaw in the 2021 season. Overall, he spent the weekend 19 out of 20 times this year.

His long-term record is as strong as anyone else in the field, with the Chilean ranking sixth in SGs in ball shots and fourth in total hits in the last 48 rounds. He did not participate in this tournament last year, but finished in the T-5 in 2019 during his debut at the Detroit golf club. Niemann also ranks third in the field for average strokes per round on this circuit, behind only Nate Lashley and Bryson DeShambeau, the two most recent winners of the event. We should aim Niemann on tracks with wide fairways, where there are a lot of points, and that’s what we have this week. Lock and download.

Jason Cocrack ($ 9,500 DraftKings)

Kokrak played one of the best golfers of his career before the US Open, so I think we can give him a pass for one shot. This big guy walked here once in 2019 and graduated from T-29, so he’s a little familiar with the course. Like Niemann, his long-term shots look good as well, with Kokrak ranked sixth in this area for total hits in the last 48 rounds. He’s also ranked # 1 in SG: investing the same timeline, so he’s been doing it in all aspects of the game lately.

We’re getting a good discount on one of the most popular TOUR players who has some course history and makes too much sense in cash games, especially when you pair him up with Niemann.

Cameron Tringale ($ 8100 DraftKings)

Thringale has had a good pace lately, missing three of his last five Wells Fargo cuts. However, he appears to have found his game in the Travelers Round 2 last week, hitting over 2.2 hits as he approached. He was let down by a short play, which is usually his strong suit, so it looks like a good place to get on the train again.

Thringale played in this tournament both times and passed the T-5 and T-30, so something is clearly getting his attention. His $ 8,100 price tag in this area does not reflect his level of talent, and this is something we can take advantage of. It is unlikely that he will miss for the fourth time in six weeks on an easy track in a bad pitch, so let’s take advantage of the discount and continue.

Valuable games

Doc Redman ($ 7900 DraftKings)

The Doctor finally found his game after a brutal start to the season. He has now hit the top 10 six times out of the last seven tournaments. Lately, he has been intimidated by the fact that he is on the sidelines, which should be tempered by wide fairways at Detroit golf club this week.

His approach to the game has been stellar as he is sixth in this field in this division in the last 12 rounds on that field. Redman also ranks ninth in overall number of strikes during this period. Things seem to be working out for him at the moment, and this week he looks like a pretty safe option at just $ 7,900 on DraftKings. It also helps that he had already completed the course earlier, finishing in the T-21 last year at this event.

Sepp Straka ($ 7700 DraftKings)

Straka is not your prototype for a cash game, as it can be quite a hit or miss at times. However, he seems to appear in lighter courses, either in events of an alternative type, or when we have weaker fields like this. It has the best history of courses in this area, having fielded T-11 and T-8 in the two years it was held.

It is also very gratifying that he goes on the attack, finishing 10th last week in the Travelers, while gaining shots on the ball in all four rounds. A lot of people who don’t follow PGA TOUR closely are likely not to join Straka this week, so let’s get them to pay and collect their money.

Punt plays

Charles Howell III ($ 7100 DraftKings)

I like to target the Chuckie Three Sticks in a different type of competition like this, as at this stage in his career he is almost a quadruple player, which means that he is not good enough to hang out with the best in the world, but also much more consistent than many. of them. pathetic options down below this week.

He is criminally understated because of his talent level, since $ 7,100 in such an area is stupid. It should easily give us a fair share this week, while boasting significant upside potential beyond what, for that price, is all we’re looking for. Here he graduated from the T-35 in 2019.

Brian Steward ($ 7000 DraftKings)

This will likely be the first and last time Stuard will be featured in this article. He’s from the Detroit area, however, and family and friends are likely to be in attendance this week. I know this is mostly narrative based, but it looks like it worked as he finished T-5 and T-30 in his two launches here. He also finished T-30 at Travelers last week, so it’s nice to see him come in some form. You can certainly do worse by completing cash game lineups, and Stuard does boast some of the benefits.


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