Plat Collective will become the largest franchise company in Chicago



Mark Nottingham

Indianapolis-based real estate agency Plat Collective announced plans on Wednesday to franchise Chicago-based At World Properties LLC, a fast-growing residential brokerage firm that operates under the @properties name.

Plat Collective co-owners Mark Nottingham and Rex Fisher said the deal, due to take effect within the next 60 days, will make Indianapolis the fourth franchise location for @properties and the largest franchisor made to date. As part of the agreement, Plat Collective will be renamed @properties.

In doing so, the owners hope to use the services of a national company to expand their firm’s market share from its current downtown focus to the greater metropolitan area of ​​Indianapolis.

Founded in 2000, @properties has grown to become the premier brokerage firm in Chicago in less than a decade. She now has over 4,000 agents in 65 offices in 10 states. The company claims to be one of the eight largest brokers in the United States in terms of sales.

In Indiana, @properties manages company-owned properties in Valparaiso, Crown Point, and Shererville, but has no franchises in the state. The company recently opened its first three franchise offices in Detroit, Dallas and La Crosse, Wisconsin.

“We think this is a great model that allows us to be local, but also allows us to have the tools at hand to help us do our job better,” Nottingham said. “I think it just helps us better at what we already do and what we love to do. It just gives us more options. “

Nottingham founded what became the Plat Collective as the Nottingham Realty Group in 2011. He and Fischer co-owned in 2018 before rebranding the company to its current name in 2019.

Residential real estate brokerage has grown rapidly to become one of the largest in the region. Plat Collective with offices in the city center at 230 E. 16th St. and in the Bottleworks area on Mass Ave. has 120 agents. The company said it completed $ 411 million in transactions in 2020 and plans to complete $ 650 million in transactions in 2021.

“Indianapolis is a really great city market,” said @properties president Chris Lim. “We’re seeing a lot of people migrating from Illinois and Chicago to Indiana.”

Affordability and quality of life may have brought the company to the area, but Lim said @properties chose to partner with Plat Collective because both companies build their culture on relationships.

“We trust them very much. They have such a strong group of owners, ”Lim said. “Real estate is a local business and their agents are truly the best on the market.”

In addition to the name change, the owners of Plat Collective intend the partnership to provide their firm with technology, marketing, training and business development systems.

Nottingham said it has heard clients refer to real estate transaction methods as outdated and hopes that some of the client-centric @properties technologies will help modernize the experience.

“The tools @properties offer and the human capital they empower us will certainly enable us to do this job better, to do it more efficiently,” Fischer said.


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