Pflugerville: Los Angeles Real Estate Firm Offers Condominium Project



Recommended photo: street view of the proposed site entrance: Image: Google Streets.

Published: 3.08.2021

by Art Benavidez

Pflugerville (Travis County) – A Los Angeles-based real estate investment firm received a zoning change for a proposed townhouse during its Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Monday.

The property has been converted from a general light industrial business (GB1-GB2-LI) to a single-family and mixed-use zoning (SF-MU).

The 16.76-acre property consists of two lots and is located at 18516 Heatherwilde Boulevard in the north-central area of ​​the city.

The land is undeveloped and uncovered. Currently, several large vehicles are stored on the territory.

Part of the south-western corner of the site is not subject to development, as it is located in the flood zone.

Aerial view of the site.

The working title of the project is taken from the developer’s request, 18516 Heatherwilde Boulevard Rezoning

Pegasus Investments proposes to develop the land as a single-family condominium consisting of detached houses as well as attached townhouses.

As per SF-MU zoning, the condominium project will require a 20-foot minimum backset, with a 10-foot buffer, and a 35-foot maximum building height allowed.

Trevor Karl Nelson, managing director Pegasus Investments, said that the proposed apartments will be rented, not owned.

“We are not for developers for home sales. We are historically multi-family operators, ”he said. “We have always strived to deliver a home product at the price of an apartment.

Pegasus Investments is still developing a preliminary plan, but it will likely be eight to 12 units per usable acre, he added.

“Each unit will be assigned a private open space, and no one will have any units above or below them,” he told the commission. “For architectural variety, I will probably come up with a few one-story floor plans and two-story floor plans.

“It is planned to build something like your own house, in which most of the apartments will be completely isolated. Some of the blocks will be connected and will have common side walls, but none of the blocks will be stacked on top of each other. “

The city’s unified development code will require the construction of William Anderson Drive for the property.

Dodd Surveying and Mapping Co. from Liberty Hill are involved in the project.

Ricca keepers, land planner with Planning land keepers submitted a draft to the commission and submitted a letter stating that Pegasus Investments would develop any attached units of at least three.

VBX Project ID: 2021-58F2


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