People: Charvez Foger appointed Deputy Administrator of Nevada Real Estate Department


Charvez Foger

Charvez Foger (photo credit)

On June 30, Nevada Real Estate Administrator Sharat Chandra announced that Charvez Foger had been appointed Deputy Administrator of Nevada Real Estate as of July 1.

According to the press release, Foger will be responsible for overseeing the development of the division’s educational offerings, expansion of the compliance section, new technologies, staff development, and staffing and resource deployment.

Foger has served as Ombudsman for the Office of Common Interest Communities since February 2017. Previously, he worked in Senator Harry Reed’s office for over two decades in a variety of roles including Deputy Regional Director of Administration, Director of Homeland Security and Director of Veterans Affairs. And military affairs.

In addition to being inducted into the University of Nevada Reno College Football Hall of Fame, Foger is an active inspector for the Nevada Athletic Commission. He is also an active voting member of the United States Ombudsman Association (USOA).

“I am delighted that Charves will continue to fulfill this new role to help lead the division’s technology, education and compliance initiatives,” Chandra said in a statement.

In his spare time, he and his wife are busy with their daughter India, one of Nevada’s finest young footballers, traveling and supporting her in tournaments.

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