Patrick Schidlik, one of the world’s best real estate entrepreneurs


Patrick Schidlik, owner and CEO of Real Estate Social Pros, a San Diego-based startup that is causing a stir, started with one goal.

“How do we achieve perfection?” Patrick spent months following the sale of his other real estate company (Film 360 Company LLC) reimagining social media for real estate agents with the clear intent to create something unique, which required solving some of the basic problems for agents in the industry.

With all his years of real estate knowledge combined with his incredible marketing skills, it begs the question: How can you get a product that is unmatched? How to achieve perfection?

“First, the product or service has to work, it has to work every time, and it has to work for everyone.

Second, it needs to be affordable, not something designed for highly successful people.

Third, we wanted to make an impact, we wanted to make an impact on the lives of our customers, their customers and all the microcommunities that benefit from our participation.

Fourth, it should be easy to use and provide excellent customer service. Only by creating something that meets all these criteria, we begin to consider it great. “

Today, any agent can find a company that does social media marketing. You can find local companies, big companies, small companies, overseas companies, cheap companies, expensive companies, and everything else in between.

The concept is the same: to make you look good on the Internet, you either don’t want to do it, or you don’t have the skills to do it, or you don’t have the time for it. So companies are filling the gaps in consistently posting and using features of platforms like Instagram and Facebook to bring you closer to the top of minds, which, if not, has basically been up and running for decades.

The challenge is to find a company that understands not only the features of the platform and how to develop an account, but also real estate. It understands that your customers want you to inspire them, they want authenticity, they want to know you better, they want to trust you, and the only thing holding them back from these feelings is how you approach social media right now.

Building knowledge, like and trust. The secret to meaningful connections

Patrick Schidlik mentions this concept as one of the pillars of social media in any industry, but especially in real estate, where a client can be cherished for years and lost in one conversation. Patrick gives us more information on what this means on the web:

“Basically, people enjoy working with people they know and love. You don’t want to work with someone you know and don’t like. It can also be difficult if you like the person but don’t know anything about them, which then leads to trust. If someone invests their time or money in you, they believe they will get a return on their investment, and you are going to deliver what you promised them, they also DESERVE it.

If you look at social media accounts of real estate agents, almost all of them look the same or bland. They post content about houses, heavy use of graphics or it looks really pretty, but you don’t know anything about them. We focus on a balanced approach to content that uses all the features of platforms like Instagram to provide your followers with a unique experience.

By educating, inspiring and entertaining our way into the hearts of your clients. By truly letting them feel like they know you, making them love you and trust you in solving their problems, even if they have never met you. This is the best way to build a long-term brand that can stand the test of time and make your business thrive.

Striving for excellence – the product revolution

Working with a multi-million dollar clientele, helping sell homes to billionaires and working alongside some of the biggest names in real estate, Patrick Schidlik has not only kept his own strength, but has also been one of the industry’s biggest secrets. His ability to understand business at all levels and come up with innovative solutions to complex problems has left job opportunities in nine-digit companies sitting at his doorstep.

The story of his latest venture is very unexpected. Patrick tells us what motivated him to tackle the drawing board for a working product with satisfied customers.

“Social media held a wide variety of feelings in my heart, some of which were actually very painful, which made it difficult to get back into space, let alone make it my main venture and passion. I started using Instagram in 2012, so I have been on the platform for almost 10 years now. Over the years I’ve seen it change, grow, mature, get out of hand, I mean 10 years of watching one of the largest tech companies in the world will give you a different perspective.

At one point, I used data dictionaries to achieve targeting that was not available to the general public. I have had the opportunity to advertise people with $ 3 million in the bank or with an Amex black card, they may have spent over $ 50,000 on eating out per year. In fact, my reach was limitless, so the clientele I could find was quite exclusive.

In 2018, I started teaching social advertising courses and eventually ran into my ex, whom I pushed into entrepreneurship and helped open her own social media agency, devaluing my existing clientele. Business was one of the main reasons why we fought and ended up breaking up.

I didn’t want to do social media anymore. By 2020, the demand for more of our clients became too high, so I opened a social media unit under the wing of our software company. I hired rock star marketer Maddie and we got customers at the boutique level. The product worked, our customers were happy, and I didn’t have to worry about the customer experience.

I was overjoyed when Maddie was offered a job as head of social media at the UFC, but now I lacked opportunities to fill the business. I was in the process of selling FIlm 360, my 5-year media company, and I needed to make a decision about my next venture. I watched this netflix documentary called “The Octopus Teacher.”

Emotions were comical at times, but that left me in awe. How can someone have so much passion and purpose in life? It made me realize that I was not going to join the social network of the real estate pros for money, but I needed to find a way to feel the real passion, the real purpose of what I was doing, and until that happened, I would never I want to Continue.

I spent 60 days collecting everything I knew about social media, about all the changes that have occurred over the years, about the thousands of properties we sold, about all the videos, about all the content we created, about all the knowledge of systems. , brand building and all the problems. our clients had to create this new product. My passion was the ability to “achieve excellence,” and being able to influence the lives of others through our clients is a calling.

Now I can confidently say that there is no other company in this area that can stand face to face with our understanding of what we do organically for an agent. “

Choosing an industry, not a product

Patrick believes his ability to be where he is is based on his choice of real estate as an industry. Starting in the media, Patrick has developed relationships with influential real estate agents and organizations.

The ability to focus only on this industry has helped him co-found a real estate software company rather than the Internet, which will bring more value to his clients but deepen his knowledge of how business really works for successful agents. Along the way, Patrick acquired powerful marketing skills that have come in handy for the rest of his real estate business.

Over the years, Patrick has refused to work on projects in various industries, even if the same basic principles apply, and this single conviction has allowed him to surpass past competitors trying to gain market share in their industry.

What’s in store for real estate professionals on social media?

Real Estate Social Pros currently offers one product. Social media management, which includes curation of content, building a brand, publishing stories and posts, managing engagement and account growth, is all about growing business for its customers. This service is currently provided on two platforms – Instagram and Facebook. While there may be more platforms in the future, there will be no new releases until the service meets the “reach perfection” criteria. The way for social pros to expand their product offering is to strategically expand their clientele.

Through targeted growth, social media real estate professionals can maintain quality and customer satisfaction, which is one of the most important aspects of their business. If you would like to learn more about social real estate professionals, you can reach Patrick on Instagram @Real_Estate_Pat or @RealEstateSocialPros and visit their website

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