Padres talks about deals, but insists he won’t pledge the future


The deadline for trading is a week after Friday.

IN Padres the addition of a starter pitcher and possibly a bat in the field is expected.

“We always have to make moves,” said third baseman Manny Machado. “There is always an opportunity to make the team better. AJ never doubts the correctness of his step. Every team needs improvement. It never hurts. “

It is usually all too easy, to the point of being irresponsible, to ask an experienced player to comment on whether his team should improve in a timely manner. Of course, players want as many other good players as possible around them. The gamblers are not the ones who write checks, risk jobs, or lay down farm systems.

The Padre players, however, have the advantage of playing for an organization whose baseball decisions are made by General Manager A.J. Preller, who has made more moves (much more) than any GM in the last year.

While many within the organization insist that the Padres are long-term and will not give up any of their top four potential clients or spend significant capital on a veteran who has not been under the control of the team for at least two years, there are also signs that that Preller is more than willing to make one more trade or more.

The Padres, according to some familiar with the glimpses of the team, have discussed scenarios with other teams that range from seemingly obvious to incredible. But after three different remakes of the roster and / or the farming system in his time, it would be unwise to rule out anything with Preller.

Among the Padre’s discussions with the teams were some with the Minnesota Twins about pitcher Kent Maeda and others. This included at least one discussion by Nelson Cruise. Cruz, 41, who has been an exclusively designated hitter since 2019, was traded Thursday for Tampa Bay Rays.

The Padres also continued talks over the past week with the Texas Rangers about right-fielder Joey Gallo and several Ranger pitchers. This includes All-Star right-hander Kyle Gibson and former Padres right-hander Jordan Lyles, who has made at least six innings nine times in his past 12 starts.

The Padres have also shown interest in Kansas City Royal family left-hander Danny Duffy and Colorado Rockies right-hander John Gray.

It can be misleading to say that a team has talked about a player with other teams. General managers, and especially Preller, discuss the possibilities almost endlessly.

This knowledge does provide possible parameters.

Preller appears to be looking to add both a potential inning devourer and a starter who could be a viable start at the start of the playoff series to the rotation.

Several people in the league have said that discussions between the teams have resumed after the end of the draft, but there is no indication that moves are imminent. Seven teams are considered to be within six games of the leaders of their respective divisions, and four AL teams are considered to be within five games of the wild card final, contributing to the market slowdown. There are several teams with attractive trade items that do not yet identify themselves as sellers.

Rumors within the Padres organization are somewhat mixed. Coupled with the team’s insistence not to part with a vision that it sees as integral to the future, the implication is that Padre could actually use this trading period to support the farming system. However, there seems to be no doubt that team chairman Peter Seidler is willing to spend more to win this year.

Nola returns

Catcher Austin Nola, one of the nicest guys on the team, has been frowning a lot over the past few weeks. But he smiled on Thursday hours before first start in almost two months.

“It was longer,” Nola said. “We just needed to completely heal him. It’s good. I want to get back into the game flow again. “

On May 24, Nola sprained his left knee while trying to block the ball, and only two weeks ago began rehabilitation. When he plays, he will wear a knee brace.

“The more I started to move, the better it got,” he said. “Physically, I feel ready to work. The body feels good. I feel fresh. “

Nola started the season on the injured list after breaking the middle finger of his catching (left) hand in spring practice. He hits .271 / .373 / .326 in 59 plate appearances.

Manager Jace Tingler said Nola and Victor Caratini plan to spread the time evenly, at least for a while.

“If we’re lucky enough to catch breaks and stay healthy and both guys play well,” Tingler said, “I think it could be a big force for us having two guys that I would consider starting on some teams.”

Nola can also play second and first base and will likely start in the infield and will also occasionally be used as a late substitute on the field.


  • After Thursday afternoon’s practice, left-hander Ryan Weathers worked his way up defending the embankment and covering first base. In fact, this was the last test before its scheduled start on Saturday.
  • On Friday, replacement Craig Stamman, whose wife gave birth to her third child on Tuesday, is expected to join the team again.
  • Left-handers Matt Strahm (knee) and Nick Ramirez (rotator cuff) were sent to Triple-A El Paso to begin rehab. It is hoped that Strahm, one of the team’s most effective support players in the past three seasons, will be back in the game by the end of the month.
  • The Padres selected Webster Rivas to Triple-A to make room for Nola on the roster.

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