Owner Gives Hastings $ 1 Million Interest Free Loan to Extend 2021 Season – Horse Racing News



Racehorse owner Glen Todd, who operates as a North American Thoroughbred Horse Company, provided a $ 1 million interest-free loan for a wallet at the Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver, British Columbia. According to Vancouver SunThis funding will allow the circuit to extend the 2021 racing season by another month.

The wallet account is usually funded by online betting platforms, casinos, and bet tracking. Since COVID-19 closed Hastings in March 2020, there was only enough money for 25 races this summer. This year, again, the proceeds were only enough to run 25 races from May 3 to August 2.

“People were desperate, we were going to leave all these people, they had nowhere to go with their horses,” said Todd. Sun

With additional funding provided by Todd, the races will continue until August 31st. David Milburn, president of the local Goodwill and Defense Association, said it was hoped that an additional month of horse racing in August would allow revenue streams to recover enough to continue funding wallets through additional race dates in September.

Milburn also said that Hastings received no help from the provincial government during the pandemic.

“We are asking the government to step up its efforts to provide jobs for the people who work with horses and the people who live here who call the track their home,” Milburn said. Sun… “We continue to interact with the government and hopefully.”

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