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In the most popular real estate market in recent times, the national list of active listings has dropped more than 50 percent from last year, creating both challenges and opportunities for buyers and sellers. As homes fly off the market at record rates, competition between buyers is fiercer than ever, and the entire process of buying, selling, and moving can be stressful and intimidating.

Opendoor is a leading real estate platform that gives people an easy and fast way to buy, sell and exchange homes in one flawless transaction. Homeowners can sell their homes directly to Opendoor, avoiding the hassle of staging, displaying and renovating. They receive the offer entirely in cash and can move according to their schedule. Opendoor also helps buyers get their dream home and compete in today’s marketplace by allowing them to present the seller with an unconditional cash offer.

Whether you want to sell your current home, buy your dream home, or both, Opendoor is creating a one-stop shop that allows people to navigate at the touch of a button.

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