Online Mortgage Broker Mojo Mortgages Partners GoCompare Offers Buyers More Financial Confidence



Mojo Mortgage, a renowned online mortgage broker, has teamed up with GoCompare to offer consumers a new level of financial confidence.

GoCompare Clients can now see how much money they can potentially save on their mortgage by comparing personalized offers to Mojo technology, as well as providing pointers to professional advice from a licensed mortgage consultant. This was important at a time when banking institutions were closing physical branches and call waiting times increased significantly.

Over 90 lenders and over 10,000 transactions are compared with the most suitable for the client after an online process that can be completed within 10 minutes – directly through the GoCompare website.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re looking for your first mortgage, moving into a home, or even remortgage. Clients can always count on the best visibility of their mortgage offers, and if they need professional advice, they can request a call from a CeMAP registered Mojo consultant.

During the first week, many savvy mortgage seekers reported using this service.

Richard Hayes, CEO Mojo Mortgage, stated:

“Everyone uses GoCompare to keep their monthly expenses down – it goes without saying that no one likes to overpay on insurance and utilities. However, mortgage payments overshadow all other costs, so it makes perfect sense that we should all have more clarity if we pay too much on a mortgage. ”

Hayes added:

“This partnership is doing it. It provides complete transparency for GoCompare users. And if they really see a deal that could save money, then applying for one with Mojo is easy. Mortgages are the latest financial service to receive a full online comparison, but we believe that for some people, consultation will remain a key part of the process. So our hybrid broker / technology offering means that comparison experts like GoCompare can offer their clients a truly complete mortgage path. ”

GoCompare is the latest to join other big brands like Zoopla and Monzo, all of which have reported on the benefits of Mojo Mortgages, an online mortgage broker that leverages the innovative technology and expertise of a team of experienced mortgage consultants.

Hayes also mentioned:

“Working with partners has always been a big goal for Mojo in our quest to make mortgages more confident and diversified. Traditionally, people have not been able to compare all of their mortgage options, and this limited choice has cost some hundreds of pounds a month. Working with GoCompare – a well-known brand that helps people save money – we know that more and more people will use our Mojo technology, talk to our consultants and close a better deal – one that will put some money back in their pockets sooner. everyone. there may be a difficult economic future. “


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