OFFICIAL: Juventus signs a contract with Manuel Locatelli for a two-year loan



After weeks and weeks of meetings, many proposals were submitted and then rejected, many doubts as to whether something could actually happen from those who follow the deal from the outside. Juventus officially got his man.

Manuel Locatelli, who will become Juventus’ first transfer player this summer, is a Juventus player.

Ready. We have finished talking about meetings. Now we can talk about how Locatelli will fit into the plans of Max Allegri and become the important midfielder that many of us think.

Juventus has officially announced 23-year-old Locatelli signed an initial two-year loan deal that will last until 2023. But, as we know, there is much more to it. The loan transaction is free (!!) as Juventus is due to repurchase € 25 million in the summer of 2023. In addition, bonuses of € 12.5 million are attached to the deal, increasing the potential total value of the deal to a minimum. € 37.5 million when all is said and done.

Locatelli signed a five-year contract worth declared 3 million euros for the season

Full details of the agreement are provided by the official Juventus website:

Turin, 18 August 2021 – Juventus Football Club SpA announces an agreement with US Sassuolo Calcio for a free temporary acquisition until 30 June 2023 of the registration rights of player Manuel Locatelli.

The agreement entails a commitment by Juventus to unequivocally acquire player registration rights, subject to the achievement of certain sporting goals by the end of the 2022/2023 season. The agreed final acquisition consideration is € 25 million payable over three years. In addition, for the achievement of further sporting goals, there are total bonuses of up to 12.5 million euros.

That’s it guys. This is the end result of all these meetings.

Juventus got the # 1 target on their board. It took a little longer than any of us would like, and certainly more than Max Allegri wanted, but sometimes this is what happens when we try to close difficult deals in difficult financial circumstances, as it definitely does this summer.

Locatelli, who has done well since joining Sassuolo in 2019, will be looking to improve Juventus’ midfield, which has been a clear weakness in the team over the past few seasons. They are still a relatively young group, but they lacked a midfielder with Locatelli’s characteristics, most notably his passing range and ability, for at least the last couple of years.

Now Locatelli is here, preparing for what has been very important to him for several summer months. transfer rumors… What a delightful sight to see Juventus finally announce Locatelli. All the meetings were worth it, right? Seeing him already in the Juve strip is a very good feeling.


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