OFFICIAL: Juventus renews Alvaro Morata loan deal



There were three paths for Alvaro Morata. Juventus career could decline this summer.

First, he could return to Atletico Madrid, a place where he may not have been completely desired and not necessarily viewed in high society. He could return to Juventus for another season on loan. Or Juventus in the transfer market, where their financial constraints will be discussed at almost every turn, could lose a lot of money to make their transfer permanent.

This offseason Juventus chose door # 2.

Juventus announced on Tuesday that Mora’s loan agreement has been extended for another 2021-2022 season. Although there were no official financial details in the Juventus statement, back to Mora’s original comeback back in September and you will see that the three doors the club had to choose from included a € 10 million option to do exactly what they did. And while there may have been some skepticism that Mora would indeed stay at the beginning of the calendar year, Mora’s future looked more and more like what had been in Turin over the past month or so – and especially after Max Allegri returned to Juventus. at the end of last month.

From the official Juventus website:

Alvaro Morata has officially renewed Atletico Madrid’s lease with Juventus: the Spanish striker will wear the black and white jersey until 30 June 2022.

Thus, Morata will continue to play at home. In each home, he played 137 games (79 in the starting lineup), scored 47 goals and gave 27 assists.

Morata, who will turn 29 at the end of October, is enjoying one of the best seasons of his rollercoaster career. He clearly enjoyed returning to Turin – especially early in the season when he was absolutely on fire, so much so that he regularly scored goals despite his tendency to not stay in the game – and was crucial for Andrea Pirlo’s team as he was the only one a truthful gambler. No. 9 on the roster.

Morata finished with 20 goals and 11 assists in 43 games in all competitions last season.

At 28, Morata is what he is. He’s a striped striker. He can be a frustrating striker. (Ask the Spanish fans after playing against Sweden on Monday.) Sometimes he can score more goals offside than in the game because he just has the skill.

But the € 10m Morata is likely to be as reliable a transfer as Juventus this summer, simply because they don’t break the bank for the talented player. Whatever you say about his shortcomings, he had some of his best years at Juventus and it’s clear that when he’s happy and playing as a striker, good things happen.

Who knows what will happen at this time next summer, when Juventus has an even bigger decision to make, but for now Morata will wear the Bianconero for at least one more season – which is not a bad thing.


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