OFFICIAL: Fiorentina leases Christian Kuame for Anderlecht



Fiorentina announced this morning that striker Christian Kuame will join Belgian giant Anderlecht on loan for the remainder of the season. While short announcement the club website does not go into details, but the problem is that there is a commission of 1 million euros and there is no clause to make the move permanent.

It is probably in the general interest that Kuame should start over, as he looked terrible in his limited role last year. He scored just 2 goals in 1061 minutes, which is a bad return anyway. The eyeball check was just as difficult for him: heavy punches, timid punches and physical awkwardness were his hallmarks, although he at least did a good job of helping the defense, as demanded by Giuseppe Yachini.

While it hasn’t worked for Kuame yet, he’s signed a contract until 2024 and has plenty of time to put it all together. Let’s not forget that it comes loose from a cruciate ligament rupture, and while the knee is physically healthy, it can take an athlete two years to psychologically recover and trust the joint to regain its pre-injury level. The fact that Yachini buried him in the depth chart and used Cesare Prandelli in an awkward role did not help at all. He is also only 23 years old.

We all knew it was unfair to use him as a target striker just because he can jump very, very high. Going back to his days in Genoa, he fits into a much more dynamic role that takes advantage of his pace and smart movements. He’s clearly a good technical player, as evidenced by his passing across the pitch late last year, but the lack of confidence shown to him by various managers this year made him clear.

Anderlecht looks like a great landing spot too. Manager Vincent Company used a 4-4-2 pattern this year, which requires strikers to drift wide and pull deep from time to time, which should be in line with Christian’s tendencies. He’ll also have a decent way to play time, with Joshua Zirkzi, Benito Raman and Isaac Kize Tilin the only other options.

In an ideal world, Kuame could start over (still clad in purple) and move his form to a new city without the huge expectations he carries in Florence. Anderlecht can take advantage of a guy who is more than capable of scoring 15 goals in the league. Fiorentina can relax, let it happen and welcome a very good striker again for next year.

So good luck Chris. We are all rooting for you to crush the professional league and return to Florence for Viola’s long and successful career.


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