Ocwen Financial and HomeFree-USA Partner Expands Hiring Opportunities For Colored Mortgage Professionals



WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Ocwen Finance Corporation (NYSE: OCN) (“Ocwen” or “Company”), a leading non-bank mortgage provider, announced today that the Company has partnered with HomeFree -USA, one of the leading national non-profit financial advisory organizations founded by blacks and approved by HUD, to create a direct recruitment channel for HomeFree-USA Financial Development Center (“CFA”) alumni. program in colleges and universities historically for blacks.

The new program will create full-time opportunities for HBCU students who have successfully completed the CFA program. Both organizations are still planning a formal recruitment process for eligible CFA Fellows and is expected to begin later this year.

HomeFree-USA launched the Financial Development Center® to introduce HBCU students to career opportunities in mortgage, real estate and financial services. During the school year, students are taught money management skills, shown how to create loans, and they learn about the importance of home ownership as a means of increasing wealth. In addition, students are trained in professional development skills.

The CFA initiative was piloted in 2017 at Fisk University and continues there, as well as North Carolina State A&T University, Fort Valley State University, Bowie State University, North Carolina Central University and Morgan State University. As a result of the success, HomeFree-USA plans to expand the program to all 107 HBCUs in the coming years.

“Okwen is encouraged to expand its partnership with HomeFree-USA to provide job opportunities for CFA HBCU graduates. Diversity and inclusion are deeply rooted in our core values ​​at Ocwen and are an integral part of our culture and work environment, ”said Lola Oewole, Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Executive Officer of Diversity at Ocwen. “Recruiting, developing and promoting a diverse range of talents is extremely important because it positively affects our ability to drive innovation, serve our customers, and contribute to the success of our company and our people.”

“Partnerships with companies like Ocwen allow us to continue the important work of diversifying talent in corporate America while providing much-needed financial literacy for our students at colleges and universities that have historically been black,” said Marcia Griffin, President and CEO HomeFree-USA and a graduate of two HBCUs. “Very few mortgage and real estate corporations and financial institutions have recruitment programs that aggressively recruit employees directly from HBCU. This must change. College and university students who have historically been black are some of the best America has to offer. “

In the aftermath of the 2008 mortgage crisis, Ocwen and HomeFree-USA worked in tandem to provide needy homeowners with the tools and options to acquire and retain home ownership. During this period, the organizations collaborated on a variety of financial programs and educational initiatives aimed at bridging the black home ownership gap. The expanded partnership supports Ocwen’s longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion, creating additional opportunities for recruiting diverse talents across all levels of the organization, which develops the necessary infrastructure and work environment to achieve goals, deliver outstanding performance, and build respect for every team member. unique character and contributions.

About Ocwen Financial Corporation

Ocwen Financial Corporation (NYSE: OCN) is a leading non-bank mortgage provider offering solutions through its flagship brands, PHH Mortgage and Liberty Reverse Mortgage. PHH Mortgage is one of the largest service centers in the country, specializing in providing a variety of service and lending programs. Liberty is one of the nation’s largest reverse mortgage lenders, providing education and loans to help clients meet their personal and financial needs. We are headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida with offices in the US and the US Virgin Islands as well as India and the Philippines and have served our clients since 1988. For more information visit our website (www.ocwen.com).

About HomeFree-USA / Financial Development Center®

HomeFree-USA is a black-founded non-profit organization founded by Marcia and Jim Griffin in 1994 with the aim of narrowing the home ownership gap by giving African Americans the guidance they need to achieve and maintain home ownership. As an intermediary for HUD, HomeFree-USA serves the diverse interests of 6.3 million consumers through its nationwide network of more than 50 affiliated community-based nonprofit organizations that specialize in helping people get their first home, home ownership resilience, and financial empowerment. …

HomeFree-USA launched the Financial Development Center® (CFA) in response to the industry’s call for greater diversity. HomeFree-USA collaborates, educates and provides historically black college and university students (HBCUs) with internship, internship and full-time employment opportunities with partner mortgage and real estate finance companies. Participating CFA Fellows gain access to credit, money management, leadership development, and home ownership, creating the next generation of leaders and homeowners. For more information visit homefreeusa.org/cfa.


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