Occupy Real Estate Group uses its real estate prowess to improve the well-being of its U.S. community


Jacksonville, Florida – (Newsfile Corp. – July 6, 2021) – Occupy Real Estate Group is a multinational company that owns several real estate businesses, including real estate investments, solar energy, real estate management, school, and now real estate … development throughout the United States. Trevaris Tutt is the founder of this group, which has spread across Florida, Georgia, Carolina, Virginia, DC, Maryland, Tennessee, Alabama and is growing exponentially. The company offers real estate solutions where people can conveniently buy and sell their property. They also work hand in hand with investors to get the most out of their investment. They provide professional real estate solutions that can not only reduce commitments but also increase efficiency.

Trevaris Tutt

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As a real estate broker, he has little experience in residential and commercial real estate. He also owns Occupy Real Estate School, which provides online courses and self-study courses for pre-licensing real estate. Talking about what drives him every day, Trevaris says, “It hasn’t always been this way, but through dedication, perseverance and strategy, I strive every day to build an empire for my family.” Trevaris also worked a dead-end job to feed his family, but he always knew it wasn’t his destiny.

Through unconditional efforts, Trevaris now owns several companies. He has had a hand in many endeavors, including inspiring others through educational content. He also works with nonprofit organizations working in the city’s poorer areas, with a focus on children and youth, and is constantly involved in philanthropy in this area.

Trevaris believes in creating wealth for generations. He was inspired by his father, who first went into real estate before Trevaris and gave Trevaris an insight into the industry. He is also immensely fond of the art and architecture of various houses. His ability to accumulate capital and an understanding of how real estate works are the keys to his excellence.

Trevaris is 31 years old and has been in the real estate business for almost ten years. Even after he has done so much, he will not stop anytime soon. He believes this experience will help create more opportunities for himself, his family and his community. He heads Occupy Real Estate and believes that wealth can be used as a tool to help people physically and mentally. Trevaris is a firm believer in the concept of taking advantage of opportunity without any excuse. In order not to miss the prospect, he constantly provides people with tools, resources and knowledge.

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The name of the company: LLC “Occupy Real Estate Group”
Web site: www.occupyrealestategroup.com
Mail for communication: info@occupyrealestategroup.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/occupyrealestategroup

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