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While public nudity is generally discouraged in our society and in most cases illegal, those who want to nude it all can find opportunities at designated beaches and in nudist communities scattered throughout the country. The hypocrites may prefer to keep these sites out of sight, but NIMBY might just as well mean “naked in my backyard” to those who are celebrating World Naked Gardening Day in the beginning of May.

Yes, nude gardening is a thing and our readers shouldn’t be surprised. A story about nudist cooking recently appeared in our Dining sectiondelving into history and practice naturism… If you are cooking naked, taking care of your vegetables like this is a logical prelude.

For the nudist gardener looking for friendly surroundings, a recent study may be indicative. The website, which links users to lawn care services, has ranked the 100 largest cities in the United States, from best to worst, in terms of gardening.

The study used a number of indicators, including: the percentage of nudists and the benevolence of laws governing public nudity and topless in each city; local Google introduces search terms “nudist” and “World Nude Gardening Day”; security issues addressed by measuring the number of registered sex offenders in the population; weather factors such as temperature, rain and wind speed; and a previous study by Lawnstarter in which urban gardening… This week’s chart shows the top 10 and top 10 cities.

If this makes you cringe, consider why. The attitude towards public nudity is changing, and not for the first time: long gone are the days when nude swimming lessons were commonplace, and “release the nipple»The movement has raised awareness of gender discrimination in relation to waist-length exposure. (It’s legal in New York for everyone.)

Let’s face it, many of us could feel more comfortable with our bodies and few would dispute damage incurred striving to meet the unrealistic ideals of beauty in our culture. So grab some sunscreen, check your local regulations, and maybe keep your hedge high. A little gardening can produce a healthy crop of self-confidence, not to mention carrots, tomatoes, and cabbage.

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