NRMLA Weighing Solution Return to Face-to-face Conferences


The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA), the predominant trade association for the reverse mortgage lending industry, is still seeking to determine the best course of action for its upcoming annual meeting and exhibition, which is slated for November 2021. Although the impact of COVID-19 The coronavirus pandemic has diminished in parts of the country due to the availability of multiple vaccines, the virus continues to pose a threat. options prompted the association to internally discuss the best way to promote industry events while ensuring maximum safety for industry participants.

This is stated in the message of the meeting of the NRMLA Executive Committee, which was broadcast at the Virtual Summer Meeting of the association on Tuesday. While the association and some members continue to strive to return to face-to-face meetings, the availability of both vaccines and sophisticated COVID-19 options makes the final decision more difficult.

“First of all, let me say that no decision was made,” said Scott Norman, Co-Chair of the NRMLA Council and VP Retail at Finance of America Reverse (FAR). “We’re going to have a conference in November no matter what, but we’re still trying to make sure the conference is not only safe with this new Delta variant, but so that we can make sure everyone can get there. One thing that has been quite active is that some people voted not to have a face-to-face conference. “

Because of these prospects, the decision to hold a personal event has other factors, including the likelihood that attendees will attend, finding a place that will benefit members and the association, and achieving the right economic balance in terms of where and when. an event to take place.

“I think it’s critical over the next two weeks to really discuss with the board of directors and today’s teleconference what is in the interest of the association and what is in the interest of all of you,” Norman said. “It really comes down to purely economic considerations, and [asking if] we can organize a conference that works for everyone. “

The most recent in-person conference for the reverse mortgage industry was the 2019 NRMLA Annual Meeting and Exhibition, which was held in Nashville, Tennessee. This event received an overwhelmingly positive response from industry participants and NRMLA members. according NRMLA President Steve Irwin, who spoke to RMD shortly after the conference, and Scott Norman later told RMD that the Nashville event was “the most energetic and informative annual meeting. [he had] visited ten years later. “

Since early 2020, the NRMLA – like much of the broader business world around the planet – has been hosting a series of virtual conferences, including a summer event that takes place this week via Zoom.

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