North Texas real estate agent accused of capitol riots



A Dallas-Fort Worth real estate agent faces additional charges over her involvement in the January 6 US Capitol riots.

Collyville’s Katherine Schwab is now facing five charges of the Capitol riot. She is was arrested in February and charged with entering or staying in a closed building without legal authority and hooliganism on the territory of the Capitol; hooliganism and disorderly conduct in a closed building; forced entry and hooliganism in the Capitol building; and a procession, demonstration or picketing in the Capitol building.

On June 7, she was additionally charged with intentional and willful commission of physical abuse on the grounds or in any of the Capitol buildings.

According to the FBI, Schwab flew with Jason Hyland in a Highland private jet to Washington to join the rally of Trump supporters. They were joined by Jenna Ryan, Frisco Real Estate Agent who was arrested on January 15 on charges related to the uprising. They pleaded not guilty to the charges. The fourth member of the group is not publicly identified.

According to the FBI, Schwab, Hyland and Ryan joined the crowd that broke into the US Capitol.

On Facebook, someone commented on Schwab’s photos that “it looks like you stepped on a rung of the Capital (sic),” and Schwab replied, “A little further than that,” according to the criminal lawsuit. In her post, she also said that she had no photographs inside because the doors were closed and the police had their pistols drawn, but as she wrote, “There was a national guard there and didn’t move an inch. They sat back down. They didn’t fight us at all … because it wasn’t necessary. After the girl was shot, we made hell. “

Highland is accused of hooliganism on the Capitol grounds and of parades, demonstrations, or picketing at the Capitol Building, according to records in federal court for the Eastern District of Texas.

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