North Hills real estate transactions in the week of July 25, 2021




William Hess Jr. sold the property at 105 Crawford Ave. Bryent Wagner and Jenny Kalna for $ 275,000.

Michael Neureiter sold the property at 121 Mid Avenue to Alexander Sandy and Brittany Zappala for $ 165,000.

Bradford Woods

Beverly Jaramillo sold 61 Seldom Seen Road to Jay and Alaina Girlardo for $ 520,000.

Mark Vasco sold the property at 76 Seldom Seen Road to Brian Cleveland and Anna Romanoski for $ 650,000.

Franklin Park

Melissa Mitro sold the property at 2510 Adele Court to Papi Reddy Durgempudi for $ 479,500.

Maria Dubet sold the property at 1589 Bellmonte Road to Michael and Brittany O’Neill for $ 288,000.

David Amati sold 1102 Castletown Court to Theodore and Carola Eleanor Rich for $ 970,000.

Robert Bryant sold the property at 2501 Phyllis Drive to Henry and Mary Gerstenberger for $ 425,000.

Abigail Nicklaus sold the property at 1615 Stone Mansion Drive to Rachel Alexandra Mariano for $ 284,600.

Travis Miller sold 1705 Waterleaf Drive to Bernard and Andrea Roskov for $ 318,000.

Kim Herbert sold the Willow Oak Drive property to Christopher Smith and Neil Dibias for $ 170,000.


Natalie Clark sold 4385 Clareville Drive to Mary Parmer Keyser for $ 283,500.

Denise Lynn Preston sold the property at 2790 Drake Court to Hannah Lynn Goebel for $ 240,000.

John Littlejohn sold the property at 2931 E Bardonner Road to Matthew and Christine Martin for $ 210,000.

Bernard Tansky Jr. sold the property at 3268 E Hardies Road to Michael Colette for $ 157,000.

John Mills sold 4451 McCaslin Ridge Drive to Dean Martin Campbell and Bahar Buzmi for $ 1,148,500.

Harry Wiley’s estate sold the property at 2497 Royalview Drive to Anthony Gray, Jr. for $ 139,000.

Patricia Patton sold 4682 Vitullo Drive to Gerald and Virginia Bonfili for $ 328,000.

Lawrence Stoner’s estate sold the 1999 Wallace Road property to Jonathan and Lindsay Fry for $ 310,000.

Luke Weinbrenner sold the property at 2743 Wildwood Road to BMK Homes LLC for $ 87,500.


Brian Schmersal sold the property at 2712 Cole Road to Matthew Frisoret and Courtney Davis for $ 410,000.

Kamal M.A. Bozorg sold the property at 116 Greenbriar Drive to Zachary Kasperek for $ 655,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property on Mohawk Lane to Venkat Sridivya Mutangi and Krishna Chandra Nandam for $ 359,190.

Jeffrey Worms sold the property at 519 Tuscarora Road to John and Teresa Joy Shweers for $ 436,000.

Rand Group Inc. sold real estate at Venango Trail, 241 Ravi Myakala and Navia Tatikonda for $ 95,000.


Michelle Lee Miller sold the property at 9755 Grosick Road to David O’Dell for $ 40,000.

Lashon Pouncey sold the property at 10383 Grubbs Road to Stephen and Alesia Brian for $ 860,000.

Us Bank NA Tr sold the property at 9556 Perry Highway to Jianghuang Lin for $ 157,500.

Sarah Moore sold the 134 Perrymont Road property to Christopher and Heather Lynn Bateman for $ 295,000.

Mary Beth Schreffler sold 1903 St. James’s Place property to Meng Liao and Alexei Smollenchuk for $ 199,000.

Karl Baumkrats sold the property at 1925 Sample Road to Margaret Balon for $ 295,000.

Janet Elias sold the property at 1429 Towne Square Drive to Alexander the Great for $ 271,000.


NVR Inc. sold the property at 157 Dana Drive to Anthony Joseph for $ 374,320.


Matthew Behr sold the property at 129 Third Avenue to Daniel Cherto and Jessica Repach for $ 249,900.

Michael O’Connor sold the 601 Adele Court property to Connor Michael Trott for $ 265,000.

Lisa Krug sold the property at 415 Allenberry Drive, Leith Alhuneafat for $ 186,000.

David Lombardo sold the property at 169 Brookmead Drive to Brian James and Lauren Jean Moore for $ 340,000.

Mary Ellen Ploeger sold 110 Carriage Drive to Michael Leeb for $ 269,000.

John Schweitzer sold the property at 109 Good Lane to Stephen Wilson for $ 110,000.

The Albert Mazur estate sold the property at 222 Highland Pines Drive to Robert and Gina DiCaprio for $ 172,000.

William Bodak sold the property at 502 Hudderford Road to McChow Holdings LLC for $ 158,000.

Robert Schrowder sold the property at 537 John Street to Paul and Cady Johnson for $ 175,000.

James Hare sold the property at 112 Lansing Avenue to Christopher Matthew Smith for $ 195,550.

Janet McIntyre sold the 28 Maple Court property to Margaret Smith for $ 205,000.

Karl Frey sold the 59 Mather Street property to Heather Stanton for $ 162,000.

Rebecca Milligan sold the property at 289 Nelson Run Road to Hills Real Estate LLC for $ 22,700.

Ross Park Development LLC sold 106 Northview Road to Jeffrey & Kelly Haze for $ 109,900.

Charlene Kuehler sold the property at 43 Perry Lane to Vincent Fannik for $ 170,000.

Daniel Goode sold the property at Red Oak Court, 105 Rusty and Sarah Raucus for $ 412,000.

Simon Straugan sold the property at 110 Rochester Road to Cailin Murphy for $ 190,000.

Mark Trombetta sold the 422 Sangree Road property to William and Chelsea Bennardo for $ 300,000.

Garrett Wood sold the property at 269 Sewickley Oakmont Road to Gerald Haynes and Sarah Munyoki for $ 289,000.

Joseph Berksel sold the 106 Siebert Road property to Donald and Donna Costa for $ 210,000.

Edward Scallion Jr.’s estate was sold at 345 Washington Blvd. Domenic Paul and Cassoundre Rodriguez for $ 215,000.

Donna Norris sold the 84 York Drive property to Ronald Norris for $ 115,000.

Western view

Trustee Elizabeth Tuzikov sold the property at 304 Cornell Ave. 304 Cornell LLC for $ 260,000.

Douglas Fox sold the property at 243 Frankfort Ave. Bridget Hoops for $ 167,000.

Luke Trocchio sold the property at 127 Glenmore Avenue to Ronald Foris for $ 138,000.

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