North Hills real estate transactions in the week of Aug 1, 2021




Joel Haldeman sold 160 N Sprague Ave. Ross and Jamie Constantino for $ 365,000.

Gennaro Ablia sold the property at 55 N Sprague Ave. Dogwood 1 LP for $ 175,000.

Bradford Woods

Brian Singer sold the 123 Forest Road property to Timothy Lezon and Buddhika Atulugama for $ 615,000.

Franklin Park

Christine Boward sold the 2320 Clearvue Road property to Daniel and Natalie Hull for $ 580,000.

Joshua Snyder sold the 2406 Fairhill Road property to Nathan and Kelly Bird for $ 365,000.

Nathan Obringer sold the property at 2758 Hunters Point Drive to James and Heather Baranovski for $ 235,000.


Kathleen Holles sold the property at 4559 Bucktail Drive to Timothy and Lucian Haubach for $ 190,000.

Matthew Stoltz sold the property at 3213 Camberly Drive to Jonathan Downs for $ 161,900.

John Ellis sold the property at 3287 Long Meadow Drive to Monica L. Garrick Drago for $ 635,000.

Scott Shearer sold 4481 McCaslin Ridge Drive to Darren and Lisa Ritsky Lamb for $ 1,675,000.


Joseph D’Amico sold the 325 Frey Drive property to Joseph and Sarah Damchio for $ 480,000.

Michael Picus sold the property at 210 Mingo Road to Mark Spitzangel and Alexandra Genoa for $ 312,000.

Oakview LP sold the 110 Ruffner Lane property to Richard and Michelle Steigerwald for $ 205,000.

RT Partners LP sold the property at 170 Seneca Place to Daraben and Mehulkumar Patel for $ 115,000.

Michael Dowling sold the 192 Seneca Place property to Matthew and Kari Taylor for $ 215,000.

Melissa Leuenberger sold the property at 146 Watson Drive to Michael Joseph Cusimano and Nicole Lynn Schulborski for $ 265,000.

Albert Christmann sold property at 105 Windgate Drive to Jacqueline Michelle Dallier for $ 375,000.


Scott Scholl sold the property at an unknown address to Karen Janzek for $ 2,000.

Trustee Robert Fassinger sold the Broad Meadow Drive property to H&F Property Development LLC for $ 1,400,000.

The Estate of Arthur Rosenkeimer III sold the property at 595 Calais Drive, Unit 220 to Logan Bari for $ 89,900.

Gene Chiokka sold the property at 540 Ingomar Road to Patrick and Kim Howell for $ 935,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association. sold the property at 9811 N. Woodland Road to Connor and Hannah Maust for $ 385,000.

Nancy Bundy sold the property at 505 Olde Ingomar Court to Jody Johnson for $ 196,500.

Patrick Finnegan sold 569 Olive St. Jeffrey Austin and Ann Price for $ 432,500.

Nalin Ranatunga sold the property at 9134 Pannier Road to Michael and Chelsea Stevenson for $ 245,000.


Iron City Holdings LLC sold the property at 36 Fornoff Street to Fred Bon Jr. for $ 49,000.

Richard Yest sold the property at 516 Mary Street to Jake James Kraus for $ 55,000.

Estate of David Worst sold the property at 867 Reserve St. Madeline Hartman for $ 220,000.


NVR Inc. sold a property at 154 Dana Drive Ariel Bryce for $ 339,351.


NVR Inc. sold property on Cherry Road 2011 to David and Monica Skomo for $ 739,141.

Willian Ott’s estate sold a property at 475 Cloverdale Drive to Akexander Ott for $ 255,000.

Sean Allen sold the property at 539 Macleod Drive to Louis and Christine Montanti for $ 190,000.

Ammad Amjad sold 784 Village Club Drive to Arthur Williams Jr. and Jannette Williams for $ 380,000.

Alyssa Gerlach sold 791 Village Club Drive to Mohammed Kajaani for $ 480,000.

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C&S Mgmt Inc. sold the Colton Street property to the Allegheny Land Trust for $ 600,000.

Mark Schaupp sold 113 Maplewood Road to David Bierem and Melissa Fiore for $ 212,000.

Paul Orr sold the property on W Beckert Ave 1943-1945. Anne Marie Gilpin for $ 237,500.


TOA Richland LLC sold the property at an undisclosed address to Ronald and Jacqueline Plate for $ 462,807.

TOA Richland LLC sold the property at an undisclosed address to George and Marilyn Sue Keach for $ 605,101.

Thomas Engler sold the property at 317 Allison Road to Matthew James and Lauren Elizabeth Brennan for $ 445,000.

Property Connect LLC sold the property at 3766 Bakerstown Road to Francis Gingrich III for $ 340,000.

Robert Plutko sold the property at 4014 Bakerstown Road to Thomas and Linda Brletik for $ 250,000.

Manager James Bienkowski sold Rose Circle 215 to Linda Hamilton for $ 285,000.

Noelia Martinez Whitney sold the property at 4086 Valleyvue Drive to Andrei Tudor and Daniele Geanina Rus for $ 389,900.


Matthew Holland sold the 105 Adele Court property to Erjia Chen and Xuan Zhao for $ 312,500.

Estate of Robert Okeefe sold 107 Circle Drive to David and Susan Isacco for $ 242,400.

Thomas Hoburg sold the property at Isolda Drive, 105 Jianli Tsai and Chengku Zhang for $ 327,000.

Gregory Clark sold the property on Kinvara Drive 200 to Andrew Bush and Megan Kishbo for $ 315,000.

Judy Traveny sold the property at 123 Laurel Court to Brittany Sullivan for $ 170,000.

Paul Sager sold 4495 McKnight Road to Karl and Cassondra Wimmer for $ 165,000.

Estate of Edward Wetzel sold the property at 4552 McKnight Road to Phelps Holdings LLC for $ 630,000.

The Pittsburgh Revival Center sold the property at 4555 Mcknight Road to Grace Life Church et al. for $ 725,000.

Jordan Berry sold the property at 108 Pinevalley Drive to Jeffrey and Lindsay Sokolovski for $ 460,000.

William Merlino sold 108 Prospect Drive to Amy Marzolph for $ 370,000.

Anthony Vinsky sold 106 Virginia Road to Marianne Elizabeth Tullius for $ 234,400.

Michael Johnson sold the 112 Woodbridge Drive property to Ashley Trinkle for $ 175,000.


Gary Metzinger sold the property at 57A Bethany Drive to Catherine Stevenson for $ 165,000.

Jeffrey Saibo sold the property at 19 Cambria Pt to Zachary Saibo for $ 190,000.

Christopher Spack sold the property at 119 Joan Drive to Jason Toliopoulos and Emilio Pepe Insertto for $ 478,250.

Christopher Bartell sold the property at 230 Lehr Ave. Joshua and Keith Fleitman for $ 263,240.

Central Penn Capital & Mgmt LLC sold the 132 Lohengrin Drive property to Hill Oxford Two LLC for $ 211,500.

Western view

Estate of Gregory Castelli has sold the property at 415 Highland Ave. Rich and Deborah Costa for $ 170,500.

Edward Porter’s trustee sold the property at 23 Marquette Road to Robert Schrowder and Bridget Gray for $ 270,000.

William Youngker Jr. sold the property at 153 Westfield Ave. Kyle John Debrune for $ 144,500.

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