North Hills Real Estate Transactions During the Week of Jun 27, 2021




Jacob Latkovich sold the property at 59 S. Euclid Avenue to John Gadyanas for $ 185,000.

Adam Karpushka sold the property at 651 Shade Ave. John Dimelio for $ 170,000.

Nicole Myers sold the property at 137 Spring Avenue to Thomas and Sarah Moslen for $ 150,000.

Franklin Park

Patricia Miller sold the property at 2577 B Grouse Rdg to Shannon Hefferan for $ 220,000.

Robert Johnson sold the property at 2497 Shadowbrook Drive to Neil West for $ 460,000.

George McGrann sold the property at 2464 Wedgwood Drive to Thomas Winter for $ 515,000.


Tricia Brown sold the 461 Fairmont Drive property to Jason Patrick Brown and Erin Caffrey for $ 402,500.

MGB Capital LLC sold the property at 1002 Goldeneye Drive to Sean Michael and Albany Janet Harrington for $ 1,345,356.

Sean Richie sold the 844 Hillcrest Cir property to Stephen and Katrina Mancuso for $ 378,000.

Ryan Milstead sold the property at 397 Marshall Heights Drive, Yeon Hye Jung and Seung Chol Lee for $ 315,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 1000 Mohawk Ln to Pavan Dhananjaya and Ranjna Revanna for $ 366,540.

Lynn Archer sold 431 Tyburn Drive to Gonzalo Marine and Lesame Alicia Silva for $ 401,500.

Prashant Gopalan sold the property at 269 Venango Trl to Adi and Kinjalu Thakkaram for $ 416,500.

Lawrence Charles Bossong sold the 1955 Warrendale Bayne Road property to Joseph and Marjorie Lin Hogan for $ 110,000.

Blake Potter sold the property at 141 Westmore Drive to Daniel Drew and Lauren Zack for $ 378,500.


Joan Schaefer sold the property on Balmoral Drive 925 to Kyle Boronki for $ 270,000.

David Beard Jr. sold the 8987 Eastview Drive property to Marcus Springer and Kimberly Jean Medina for $ 213,000.

Paul Petersen sold the property at 1140 Hazlett Road to Jessica Huber for $ 240,000.

Albert Smith sold the property at 9307 Highland Road to Brian Eckert for $ 175,000.

Deborah Loffredi sold the property at 128 Kaylor Road to Matthew Tunges for $ 190,000.

Jaime Lynn Chesney sold the property at 9458 Meadow Road to Scott and Deborah Metzger for $ 268,000.

Dylan Beck sold the 201 Mohican Avenue property to Timothy Matthews and Nicole Ross for $ 241,000.

Frances Waller sold 720 Perrymont Road to SPC Realty Co. for $ 228,600.

Jacqueline Andraco sold the property at 216-220 Pine Creek Road to Adam and Susie Butler for $ 669,000.

Catherine Rolich sold the property at 9328 Springfield Drive to Shophouse Home LLC for $ 260,000.

Dennis Lane sold the property at 10281 Twin Hill Road Ext. Jane Wetzel for $ 439,000.


Brett Christman sold the property at 216 Cheryl Drive to David Rainwater and Marissa Kaiser for $ 262,500.

James Carrigan sold the property at 431 Duff Road to Joshua and Gillian Clicker for $ 350,000.

Megan Peters sold the property at 134 Kensington Drive to Michael Ambrogio for $ 335,000.

Mt. The United Presbyterian Church of Heaven sold the property on Nicholson Road to a confidant of John and Charles Lenzner for $ 100,000.

Wayne Sherman sold 190 Overlook Drive to Eric Mayhew and Janice Valko for $ 581,000.

Michael Patalsky sold the property at 109 Springfield Drive, Butchy Reddy and Prema Reddy Waddy for $ 475,000.


Katherine Roach sold her property at 5900 Babcock Blvd. Unit 44 to Frank Moletz for $ 36,500.

Elrose Develop Co. sold the property at 337 Bernice Street to Stephen Jensen for $ 48,500.

Karl Trapp sold the property at 5223 Clarwin Ave. James and Barbara Helen Jacobs for $ 205,000.

Albert Pinder Arabpur Abolfazl sold the property at 1452 Cliffview Road to Jake and Nicole Ginder for $ 275,000.

Neil West sold the property at 196 Goldsmith Road to Michael and Caroline Hatfield for $ 312,000.

Sharon Baer sold the property at 820 Harden Drive to Sean and Lisa Cardell for $ 252,000.

Jean Willard sold the 135 Harding Road property to Andrew Clark and Jeanne Bassett for $ 190,000.

Anthony Skollo sold the property at 223 Kinvara Drive to Michael and Laura Vich for $ 249,899.

Erin Lynn sold 3202 Lenox Oval to Peter and Kathy Steers for $ 215,000.

Christopher Lukatorto sold the property at 133 Sireneviy Avenue to Lauren Thomas for $ 210,000.

Ross Park Development LLC sold the 210 Southview Road property to Daniel and Stephanie Ward for $ 109,900.

Mary Preiss sold the property at 145 Timberlane Drive to William Koontz for $ 347,600.

Estate of David Wirl sold the property at 503 Wimer Cir to Brian Rafe and Stephanie Kubilla for $ 305,000.

Trustee Paul Brindle sold the property at 545 Woodland Road to Emily Harlacher for $ 318,000.

Western view

William Conners sold the property at 131 Highland Avenue to Maxanna Properties Inc. for $ 67,000.

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