North Hills Real Estate Transactions During the Week of Jun 13, 2021




Andrew Belsick sold the property at 303 Glaser Ave. Spencer Bowersox and Zane Paolini for $ 210,000.

Mark Berliner sold the 255 Grant Avenue property to Flynn Properties LLC for $ 250,000.

Joshua Hannold sold the property at 314 Lincoln Avenue to Stephen and Tara Williams for $ 251,800.

Paul Kenneth Curry sold the property at 4429 Ohio River Blvd. at Cheeky Group LLC for $ 330,000.

Franklin Park

Jonathan Henry Foster sold the property at 2463 Alydar Drive to Eric and Maria Lowry for $ 475,000.

Hisham Satie sold the property at 2641 Glenchester Road to Michael Fuchs and Stephanie Duncan for $ 417,000.


Nagaraj Kotekal sold 224 Woodhurst Terrace to Ralph and Bridget Peygon for $ 600,000.


Robert Martin sold the property at 1129 Balmoral Drive to Di Wu and Yan Liu for $ 385,000.

Wei Liu sold the property at 8720 Breezewood Drive to Zhaoeng Su and Fendhua Li for $ 310,000.

Judith Acheson sold the property on Broadmeadow Drive 1000 to Matthew and Elizabeth Maranovski for $ 385,000.

Kurt Kitzman sold the 163 Inwood Road property to Brian and Lindsay Prischak for $ 125,000.

Richard Timmer sold the 9212 Lancelot Drive property to John and Ashley Naples for $ 28,000.

William Meyer sold the property at 316 Rustin Way to Evan and Jesse Dull for $ 575,000.

Ryan Switzer sold the property at 9803 Three Degree Road to Joel Swan and Brittney Peygon for $ 620,000.


Brian Opalko sold 131 Cardinal Circle properties to Andrew Stefko and Ashley Hirschfield for $ 412,000.

Barry Thwaites sold 132 Cypress Knoll Drive to Morgan Vann for $ 500,000.

NVR Inc. sold properties at 173 Dana Drive to Krishna and Ronakkumar Patel for $ 344,840.


Lois May sold the 100 Blaze Drive property to David and Lois May for $ 75,150.

Lois Cole sold the property at 3204 Charlemagne Cir Thuy Thi Le and Binh Thi Ha for $ 100,000.

Sharon Parker sold the property at 514 Dogwood Court to Marlene Cecchini for $ 193,000.

Michael Bosiljevac sold the property at 148 Gass Road to Eric Seapolt for $ 250,000.

Daniel Pompocelli sold the 1207 Lenox Oval property to Raymond and Rose Ann Withers for $ 175,000.

Victoria Hoge sold the property at 100 Margaretta Street to Paul and Linda Wickert for $ 249,900.

Kristen Brachler sold 7900 Roderick Drive to Favorite Properties Inc. for $ 126,000.

Joely White sold the property at 500 Roseland Ave. Michael Garrity et al. And Matthew Roberts for $ 160,000.

Michael G Minnock Inc. sold the property at 620 Tara Drive to William and Daniel Weinberg for $ 25,900.

Darren Augustine sold the property at 74 Transvaal Avenue to Allen Scales for $ 165,000.

Heather Villella sold 756 Washington Drive to Corey Monio and Allison Thunderback for $ 295,000.

Western view

Brenda Lee Cantan sold the property at 20 Cresson Avenue to Mark Tompkins for $ 171,000.

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