Nonprofit Helps Chicago People Get Low-Interest Loans and Mortgages



America’s Neighborhood Relief Corporation (NACA) was at the forefront of ending predatory lending.

What makes this nonprofit stand out is that they don’t look at your credit score.

The organization wants to see how much Money You save money if you pay your bills on time.

Sable Russell wanted the American Dream and now she has this and more.

“I have two apartments above me on which I pay off my mortgage, and I live for free,” said Russell, the new landlord.

A SEIU representative and a single mother signed up for a homebuyer workshop with NACA.

A 34-year-old man was able to purchase a three-storey house in the city. Woodlawn, and get extra money to restore it.

So far, Russell has added a garage and is hoping to add another block.

“My interest rate on my building is 1.5 percent,” Russell said.


There is no down payment, no closing costs and no commissions.

US Air Force veteran Andrea Holloway chose NACA over VA loan.

“You have to attend a homebuyer workshop, it’s four hours, and you have to have at least one or two years of paying bills on time,” said Holloway, who recently bought a home in Homewood in January. “You have to save every month.”

This non-profit organization has been in existence for 35 years and helps low- and middle-income people fulfill the American Dream.

“We have a foreclosure rate of 0.0012%. This metric demonstrates the effectiveness of the program if you do everything right, ”said NACA founder Bruce Marks.


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